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This Week's Top 10: My Weekend, New Fave Cocktail, NYC Holiday Vibes

nyc holiday fran acciardo upper east side pink christmas

1. Happy Sunday!! I missed posting this yesterday because I had a bit of a crazy night on Thursday and simply couldn't do anything on Friday, and then yesterday I wrote this and just forgot to hit publish! Thursday was totally worth it though- I had dinner with two of my aunts and then went to the Bergdorf Holiday Party which was fabulous; The Rockettes put on a show, the Veuve was flowing, I chatted with Linda Fargo, and got a photo with Julianne Moore! #dreamscometrue -- see my TikTok of the night here!

2.  One of my favorite things to do in the city is spend a Saturday alone, so yesterday I made a few plans for myself, which included visiting The Met for the first time! I had such a lovely day. The Lexicon of Fashion exhibit was absolutely fabulous!

3. The new Adele album is, as we all expected, incredible. If you haven't listened yet, you must!

4. There's been quite a bit of new blog content this week! Check out the posts below in case you missed them:

5. I finished The Nightingale the other day. An absolutely amazing, heartbreaking, touching, captivating book about two sisters in France during the German Occupation throughout WWII. It is a fairly well-known book so if you have not yet read it I can't recommend it enough.

6. The photo above I took earlier today before meeting Emily & Elizabeth for coffee at Ralph's. The gorgeous home is at 64th & Madison!

7. On a similar note, it's been so fun to see New York in the fall and now in the holiday spirit. The stores are all decorated and there is such a lovely vibe in the air! I recommend seeing the decorated Cartier store, the original Saks, and the windows at Bergdorf's if you're in the city this season. Of course, the Rockefeller tree too, but it's not up until 12/1. 

8. I have a new go-to at-home cocktail! I am a huge Negroni lover but I never have vermouth on my bar cart. So, last night, I made a Fran-oni (not sure how I feel about that LOL) of Gin, Aperol, Seltzer, and an orange peel to garnish! Highly recommend. Equal parts of each!

9. Wouldn't be TWT10 without a few shopping picks! These feather pajamas look like a great dupe for my Sleeper pajamas; love this scarf, and these fun holiday heels

10. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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