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This Week's Top 10: Apartment Updates

 1. This week absolutely flew by for me. Anyone else? Work was insane, and on top of that, I've been in Wisconsin at Joe's apartment! I leave here tomorrow afternoon for Charleston to spend Mother's Day with my mom!

2. Speaking of Mother's Day: I shared a mother's day gift guide here. Graduations are also right around the corner / already here for some, so I shared a graduation dress roundup here and a graduation gift guide here!

3. I packed this dress to wear in Charleston and I'm so excited to frolic around in it. It's so cute and fun!

4. When I get back to my apartment, I really want to change out the light fixtures. So far I am loving this one for the kitchen!

5. Having a super hard time picking out a rug. Can't decide if I want to do something like this or something like this.

6. Also having a hard time with a coffee table. I am leaning toward this one but it seems a little boring?

7. Did I mention I ordered this console? So excited for it to arrive in just two weeks!!

8. I discovered this lamp and this lamp this week and I'm really into both of them, even though they're opposite vibes. 

9. Loved this article on 20 mistakes commonly made in small spaces.

10. Thank you for 1,000 YouTube subscribers this week!!! I am so happy you love the videos and looking forward to continuing to create and share them!


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