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Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is here! How did this happen? I started my post-grad job in September just a few weeks after some of my friends in college headed back to school, and it's wild to realize an entire school year has just gone by. Today I want to share some of the best college (or high school) graduation gift ideas for anyone in your life graduating in the coming weeks. 

Shop the gift guide: 

The AWAY Bigger Carry-On was my graduation gift from my mom and it is the best suitcase ever. I got it in Navy with a monogram, and I included the battery option, as I'll be using this suitcase for consulting travel in addition to leisure once we are no longer remote for work. The suitcase itself has all of these different compartments that it make it so easy to fill-up efficiently. 10/10 recommend if you've been looking for a suitcase! 

Similarly, love this travel jewelry case! Super cute, can be personalized, and comes in a ton of colors. 

I have loved Estelle Colored Glass since last summer and while they are expensive for a set of 6, I think that's what makes them a perfect gift for a special occasion! I personally have been lusting over the coupes, but the wine glasses are fabulous as well if that's more you!

Classic jewelry, in my opinion, is always a great gift for special occassions. This year for Christmas my dad gave me these diamond earrings, but I love the idea of a signet ring or tennis bracelet (both are affordable options!) for a graduation gift. 

Graduation is the perfect time for a new tote bag. I think a classic leather tote is perfect for jobs and internships, while a quilted tote like this one is perfect for the gym, running errands, and travel!

Scents always remind me of special occassions. This perfume has been my all-time favorite for special occassions since freshman year of high school. Many of my friends wear it and it reminds me of happy, special, precious memories!

If the graduate in your life doesn't have AirPods, do them a favor and get them some!! I love my AirPods. Honenstly, they are game changers... whether I'm working from home, riding the subway, or going for a run, I am always wearing (and loving) mine. Before my AirPods in college, I didn't listen to music walking to classes, but once I did, my routine was really elevated.

Classic flats are a perfect gift for someone starting a new job! I've had this particular pair on my wishlist for a while now. 

Last but not least, getting a diploma framed is a timeless gift. I used Framebridge recently and had a great experience! 

Happy graduation season!


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