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I Signed a Lease in NYC! (Answering all of your Questions)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that on Monday I signed a lease for an apartment in New York City!!! I did a Q&A on my IG stories sharing some details about my apartment and the process (saved to highlights if you missed it), and I'm excited to document all of that and more on here today. Let's just jump right in!

Are you living alone or with roommates?

I will be living alone! The original plan (when I thought I was moving back in August) was to live with two of my girlfriends from college, but all of our timelines changed due to Covid. Plus, I've been living alone for the past six months since my mom moved to Charleston and loving it, so it all worked out!

What neighborhood did you choose and why?
My apartment is in Soho!!!! I can't believe it. I knew I wanted to be downtown but didn't have a super-specific preference when it came down to a neighborhood, but I really am so happy my apartment ended up being in Soho.

How did you find your apartment and apartment hunt?
How did you sign without seeing the apartment?
That being said, the reason I ended up in Soho is simply because I used Loftey. Loftey is an NYC-only service where real estate agents will help you find your perfect apartment at no cost. I emailed Loftey a few months ago, got set up with an agent, had a couple phone calls to talk about what I wanted, what I could afford, etc, and then my agent sent me about a dozen apartments that both he and I found on Street Easy. We talked through them, the pros and cons of each, and I just knew when I saw my apartment that it was perfect for me.

That said, I had spent about a year browsing Street Easy for apartments on my own, and without Loftey I would have never found this particular apartment. I didn't realize that you can negotiate your rent down (which he did for me!!), so I would have thought this was out of my price range even though now it isn't! Also, my agent helped me understand the pros and cons of certain apartments... which way the windows face, what type of building we are looking at, how loud certain streets are, and so much more. Having a professional's advice and help was a GAME CHANGER. Couldn't recommend their service enough!!!!

So when I narrowed down my search to this apartment, I watched a video walkthrough, did a 3D tour, and then had my agent go to the apartment and FaceTime me so I could see the building, the street, the natural light, the noise level, and as much as possible. I really feel comfortable with how much I got to see not having been there in person and feel way more confident than I expected with a virtual showing.

1 bedroom or studio? 
I ended up with a 1 bedroom! This was important to me with work from home. I am excited to have the separation even though I am really nervous about whether or not I will actually be able to fit both my bed and dresser in the bedroom... wish I was kidding haha. Updates to come!

When/how are you moving?
Because I don't have a ton of furniture yet and there is a premium to move into or out of Manhattan, I decided it made more sense logistically and financially to drive! I rented a UHaul and my brother is kind enough to go with me. We are driving out two weeks from Friday and my dad is going to fly in and meet us there.

How much did you save? How much is your rent?
I don't feel comfortable sharing exact numbers because everyone's financial situation is so different, but I will say that I am suuuper grateful that I was able to live at home for the past six months and save up money. I am paying for my move, all of my furniture, expenses, rent, you name it, so being able to save up for this and have the job that I do is something I do not take for granted. Also, because of Covid, I am able to afford a one-bedroom Soho apartment... previously, this apartment rented for about $1000 more than what I'll be paying each month.

What were your non-negotiables?
I had two non-negotiables: a dishwasher, and natural light!

When apartment hunting in NYC, and especially Manhattan, you really have to pick and choose what is important to you. For me, I knew I would be miserable without a dishwasher, and if I didn't have a bright apartment... well, I would simply hate it and wouldn't even consider it. For some people, a doorman building with an elevator, in-unit or in-building laundry, a gym, closets, or any other ammenity is the priority. For me, I am so excited to live downtown in a smaller, more expensive apartment with character over a luxury building uptown with a gym, full rooftop, laundry, doorman, etc... I know it sounds sooo crazy but it is just what I wanted and to each their own! And honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, so if I end up hating this apartmennt, my lease i's just one year and then I can go wherever I want!

What's your favorite thing about your apartment?
Going to end things onn a positive note! I fell in love immediately with a couple of things: the molding on the walls, natural light, and location. I love that my apartment has character, like molding, hardwood floors, and nine-foot ceilings... I can't wait to show you!!!

Donn't hesitate to ask any other questions! Happy to answer anything!



  1. Ah! I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow your journey!



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