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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday! My week went by pretty quickly again, and with every day it feels less like fall and more like winter in Wisconsin... crossing my fingers the snow at least holds off until November 1st!

2. This week on the blog I shared my WFH schedule and explained a bit about my job / what I do! I am so excited because last night I signed onto my first official consulting project, which starts Monday! I am a little nervous but really looking forward to diving into my job.

3. Last night I made my favorite recipe: healthy avgolemono soup! It makes a ton so I'll be eating it throughout the week and I am hyped about it. It's so delicious and perfect for the cooler days we are having now... speaking of soup, if you follow along with my IG stories, you know I have been obsessed with grilled cheese + tomato soup for lunch this week. Really, is there anything better?

4. Okay one more thing on soup... I love this roundup of soup recipes that the Everygirl did! I especially want to try a pumpkin soup or the roasted cauliflower + red pepper soup!

5. Has anyone tried any of the HUM capsules? I have heard a lot about them and I am very intrigued by this one for stress and this one for energy/focus! (just looking for something to help with daily stressors; still loving my Hush & Hush capsules for everyday vitamins and again for better sleep -- both have been working so well for me)

6. This t-shirt (under $15!) is my new go-to. I was in desperate need of a new plain white t-shirt and this one is so simple and classic... just what I was looking for! You can see how I wore it this week here.

7. I finally listened to some new music this week and updated my current playlist!

8. Last night I started watching Younger! You guys know I never watch TV, but after I was convinced to watch Emily in Paris, I'm now hooked and wanted a similar vibe. Younger is also a Darren Star show and it's perfect for what I wanted -- just something mindless, fun, and easy to watch!

9. Love the buttons on this sweater

10. aaaand happy weekend! do you have any fun plans this weekend?! one more weekend until Halloweeen omggg


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