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17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

this post was updated on 11/1/2022

oversized camel sweater // tweed pants

When I think of Thanksgiving outfits I immediately think of the Gossip Girl scene where Nate is playing football with his family and they are all wearing bougie little sweaters. I love the classic vibe that comes with not only the food and activities of Thanksgiving but the outfits as well. This year, even though we are all probably tempted to stay in the lounge sets we've been collecting throughout quarantine, it's kind of fun to have an excuse to actually get dressed up. I, for one, plan to get dressed this Thanksgiving! In what? Not sure yet. Hopefully, this post will help you as much as it's helping me get inspiration for Thanksgiving outfit ideas.

I rounded up 17 outfit and product photos, mostly from Pinterest or store sites, and then linked similar pieces beneath each of them. At the very bottom of this post, you can find all of the products and a few more if that's easier for you!

Here we goooo:

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas Sweater Dress with Boots

sweater dress

This outfit is sooo my truth. I absolutely love both of the navy pieces linked here.

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas perfect sweater diego jumper sezane

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

blue coat // oversized camel scarf (under $50; this couldn't look cozier) // camel bucket bag

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas toggle sherpa jacket

tan lounge pants at three price points: lower, mid, and higher

Okay, some of us are definitely still gonna end up in our lounge sets on Thanksgiving, might as well make it a cute one! I linked a really cozy pair of tan lounge pants and an adorable sweater in a super similar style to the one Hailey is wearing in the photo.

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

also loveee this set! exact sweater & pants linked

17+ Casual Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

houndstooth skirt (similar; under $50)

What are you planning to wear for Thanksgiving? Shop items from above and more below...


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