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This Week's Top 10: Halloween Weekend!

1. I voted early this week!!! Have you made a plan to vote yet? I found my polling place and voting hours soo easily on this website

2. Happy Halloween weekend!!! I know it probably isn't as exciting for many of us as past Halloweens, but I hope you're at least planning on doing something fun or relaxing! Tonight my boyfriend and I are making bucatini with my family's famous homemade meatball recipe! 

3. I decided this week to host a small friendsgiving in a few weeks! I am so excited and already thinking about how I want to set the table. These napkins are the cutest ever. Definitely considering this centerpiece, this simple tablecloth, these cute plates, and these.... place cards.... so chic

4. Can't believe next week is November, aka the GIFT GUIDES are coming!! Who's excited?! In the meantime, these super cozy pants deserve a spot on everyone's list.

5. I finished my Boy Smells candle (one of my all-time faves) this week, so I pulled out this new-to-me candle and love it. It's super affordable and smells amazing. I want to try this Boy Smells scent next because it seems very seasonally appropriate and I just adore their packaging!

6. Harling Ross is one of my favorite writers over at Man Repeller, and I loved both the photos and interview on her Manhattan apartment.

7. Proud to say I influenced three people personally to get the Revlon hair dryer this week... (!!!) just saying... it's life-changing.

8. PSA. I can't get enough of this playlist. I've been listening to it nonstop for like three days. Do not knock it until you try it... it's like the best way to get in the holiday spirit without actually listening to Christmas music... because it's simply too early.

9.This coat is 40% off and so cute!!!!

10. This week on the blog I shared 17+ casual-chic Thanksgiving outfit ideas, and the best book I've read recently!

Hope you have a safe and lovely Halloween weekend!


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