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This Week's Top 10 {Favorite Things}

Omg! The last day of July!!! This week I am switching up the format of the top 10! Instead of 10 random links to things, I'm going to share my 10 favorite things I loved... Let me know if you prefer this format or the usual! Maybe I'll start switching off? This one was fun but also feels a little self-centered and not as well-rounded... so we'll see!

1. Favorite thing I did -- this week was actually pretty eventful! now that I'm back in Milwaukee I've been {socially distantly} hanging out with old friends. it's been so nice to see people again!! dinner, drinks, a picnic with my girlfriends... this week was fun! tonight I'm going to EJ's lakehouse with our college friend group, too. we have all been together throughout quarantine so we feel comfortable being together, which I'm grateful for! BTW -- I am going to do a whole post on the picnic next week... like what we brought, ate, drank, etc. It was fun and cute which definitely makes for blog post material!

2. Favorite thing I wore -- a toss-up between this dress and this top!

3. Favorite thing I drank -- My bestie Caroline has been getting Winc all throughout quarantine and brought this bottle of rosé to our picnic on Wednesday. It was absolutely delicious. How am I, of all people, not subscribed to Winc yet??? Need to get on that.

4. Favorite thing I ate -- Omg. My mom suggested I pick up the salmon dip at Trader Joe's for the picnic, and I am so glad I did. It's insane. So delicious. We dipped veggies, baguette, and pita chips in it and it was wicked good.

5. Favorite song -- Um, okay... who else CAN NOT STOP LISTENING TO TAYLOR SWIFT?? I made this playlist of all the best Taylor Swift songs (in my opinion) and I've had it on repeat. I think my fave song on Folklore is either "the 1" or "betty," but honestly listening to this playlist has made me remember how much I love some of her OG songs... I think my fave song this week is Stay Beautiful from her first album (!!)

6. Favorite non-Taylor Swift song -- hahaha ok... maybe I took a few breaks and listened to other stuff. This playlist, "current faves," is my new playlist that I am going to continuously update with my current songs on repeat! I get obsessed with new songs every week and I'm thinking of rotating those in and out of this one playlist!

7. Favorite podcast episode -- this week I was really into podcasts on my walks. I especially enjoyed the following episodes:

Margo Oshry on ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth -- this episode is kind of old but I hadn't listened to it yet. It was just a fun girl chat! I am obsessed with the Morning Toast (as we know), so especially I loved learning a little bit more about the sister dynamic from Margo.

Emma Leger on Mood with Lauren Elizabeth -- I'm obsessed with Emma Leger and her IG photos, so I really enjoyed hearing about her behind the scenes! She was also on Kenzie's podcast this week here!

8. Favorite IG follow -- I followed @shitbloggerspost this week and I find it incredibly entertaining. It sort of exposes bloggers who post similar photos which can be seen as negative, but I personally like it because it helps me discover new people to follow!

9. Favorite thing I bought -- after sharing my current wishlist, I ordered this little bag and I can't wait for it to arrive! It's basically a $30 dupe for the Mansur Gavriel cloud bag!

10. Favorite quote -- 

What was something you loved this week?

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