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H&M Try On Haul

You guys... yesterday was my first shopping experience since Covid, and not only did I feel completely safe wearing my mask and social distancing in-store, but I found some fabulous things at H&M! Confession: I have the worst success rate when it comes to online shopping. I was heading into the store to return four of the five things I'd ordered online and was pleasantly surprised that my H&M had been recently renovated, looking fabulous, feeling really clean, and was full of amazing stuff. So excited to share them with you!

Because the fitting rooms were closed, I ended up putting back a handful of things I picked out. I'm not kidding when I say I had at least a dozen things in my hand walking around the store. Their current collection is so good! I came home with six things, ended up loving five of them (never happens!), and when I go to return the one thing that didn't work (a swimsuit) I am definitely going to shop again (I really want a sweat set).... good luck to my wallet!!

The best part?! SO many good things were on sale!! Like, under $10. It was really something.

cream pants (size 6) // Let's start here because these are the pants I am wearing in all of the pics! I picked these up randomly because I'm kind of over my current white denim. Technically these are "twill pants" (eye roll) but they're basically jeans, okay? 

These are really high waisted and flattering in the leg which I love. I also love that the color isn't so white because I think it'll make these great for transitioning into fall and wearing in NYC. The 6 fits me but I almost wish I would've gotten an 8 for a looser/longer fit. I don't like cropped pants usually and these are just slightly short -- also slightly tight on the waist, but whatever. I wanted to wear them last night, so I kept them... but otherwise I maybe would have gone back to exchange the size. Moral of the story, these are great, but if you are in-between sizes, go up!

puff sleeve top in white (size M -- sold out in most sizes, also love this one) // For $10 this is the best top ever. I also got it in black! The body of the top is soo comfortable and a stretchy, soft cotton, but the sleeves are more of a poplin to keep the puff shape. So simple but so perfect. True to size!

puff sleeve top in black (size M -- sold out online, similar here) // See? So cute in black, too. Could be a go-to for going out or even wearing to work...

guazy pink blouse (size M) // I purchased this specifically for my rosé picnic last night, actually! I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when I got home, but it ended up being super cute and perfect for the occasion. It is a little see-through, but I just wore a nude bra and the high waisted pants mentioned above, and it ended up being totally fine! The sleeves are elastic at the bottom so I folded the inside higher (if that makes sense?) to give them a puffier look instead of letting them hang down... so CUTE!

sweatshirt (size L) // OMG. Saving the best for last?! I saw this sweatshirt online a while back and really wanted it but it kept selling out. I was so shocked when they had it in store, on major sale, and in my size. Since I couldn't try it on in-store I couldn't decide if I should go for a medium or large, and I'm very happy I went with the large! It's now really comfy and slightly oversized, and I think the medium would've been too short? Also-- I was surprised how soft it is. So cozy. I'm obsessed.

Have you shopped H&M lately?! I am already excited to go back!


  1. I have this pink top too! It's so cute for summer!!

    1. thanks, carly!! it's so comfortable and perfect for any summer evening plans <3

      xo, fran


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