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This Week's Top 10

1. The highlight of this week was definitely being a guest on my first ever podcast! I had so much fun recording with Michela and Marit for this episode. You can listen to it here!

2. I started making Tik Tok's this week.... lol. It's seriously so fun. I was very anti-tik tok at first, but now I'm addicted. You can find me here!

3. This weekend was supposed to look a lot different... the business school graduation was originally planned for tonight, and the all-school graduation tomorrow. I am focusing on acceptance this month (which I talked about in this post this week) but also looking on the bright side... I plan to take some grad photos in the coming weeks, which I shared 16 perfect dresses for here!

4. Two of the other new posts I shared this week, ICYMI: what I eat in a day and my April favorties!

5. Ok this is sooo random, but I have this board on Pinterest dedicated to "littles" (aka kids hahah) and this picture!!! Like, I can't. It's the most precious thing ever. Goals.

6. Carly shared a great list of books that are pandemic approved (aka, light, fun reads). I've read a handful of the books on the list so I trust that the rest of them are goodies!

7. I loooove these running shorts!!

9. This chic pajama set is just the cutest print ever.

10. I hope you all have a great weekend, celebrating your mom if you can be with her, or at least giving her a call on Sunday for Mother's Day! I'm not sure what our plans are, but I'm at home for the weekend to be with my mom and brother, which should be nice <3



  1. I love Carly's book recommendations! I am definitely going to read a couple of them over the next few weeks.


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