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Graduation Weekend

My college graduation was this weekend!! Although we couldn't celebrate with an in-person ceremony, I am so grateful that I got to be with my family. My brother and I both came home to celebrate graduation and Mother's Day with our mom, so the three of us had a fun little weekend together.

Friday night we watched the Business School graduation video, and on Saturday we watched the all-school ceremony. My mom got me red roses and my favorite champagne, and it was really nice. I *forced* my brother to take some photos for me, and it was kind of fun to have an excuse to put on mascara and curl my hair for the first time in almost three months. I am so grateful that Her Campus sent a cap and tassel for me, because I never ended up ordering my official cap and gown, and I was going to be so bummed that I didn't have anything to wear!

Saturday night Celia had our friends over for a little socially distant gathering. We sat outside on her patio with balloons and I drank a few too many white claws... haha. It wasn't what any of us expected, but it really meant a lot to at least be surrounded by my friends and family. I can't believe, just like that, college is over!


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