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This Week's Top 10

1. Omg, it's MAY! Despite quarantine, I feel like time is flying by... maybe it's because all of the days just blend together? But really, I can't believe we are almost halfway through the year.

2. This is my last day of college... well, technically it was yesterday. But, I am going to miss having things to work on, so I'm now taking Yale's Happiness class and trying to get back into French (I took French in school from fifth grade through sophomore year of college!) on Duo Lingo. I'd love to hear if any of you have tried it!

3. This week was kind of a fun one on the blog! In case you missed it, here's what I shared:

5. Honestly, I miss shopping... I am craving adding a few new pieces to my spring wardrobe, including:
this oversized henley
this cute, springy blue dress and this floral dress!
this little white ruffle top
this versatile, chic striped blouse (would be so cute with white denim and wedges for dinner, or shorts and sandals for a more casual look... love)
and this perfect, casual, little white dress

6. You guys know I love to run (it's my preferred workout!), and as someone with a little bit of a larger chest, I'm always looking for supportive sports bras. How cute is this one?!

7. This book is very high on my to-read list!

8. I've been updating this playlist of mine a ton lately and have had it on repeat all week!

9. Also have been loving listening to this one while having dinner

10. This week I recorded for the first time as a guest on a podcast!! The episode comes out on Tuesday. I had so much fun recording it with the hosts and I can't wait to listen to it and share it with all of you!!



  1. you should check out mango languages instead! I studied spanish through college too (though let's be honest, I took the most basic class to do my language credit). mango is easier to learn if you already know conjugations and it's more conversational/geared toward travel. it should be free with a library card!

    1. omg thank you! i've never heard of mango, thanks for sharing, hannah!



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