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Four Things I'm Passionate About

I thought it would be fun to mix things up and share some things you might not know that I am pretty passionate about as a human being! There is more to me (I like to think) than I make known on the internet, and today I just wanted to put some of those things out there! Some of these things you might already know about me, but others may come as a surprise! This is kind of a random assortment, but I just thought it could be interesting and fun to share. I would absolutely love to hear about your passions in the comments below, too!

Women and Girls in Tech
I feel like this is something that is a pretty large part of who I am, but not something I talk about much on the blog! As a proud STEM major, I am fairly passionate about and interested in technology and digital innovation. I can be pretty nerdy if you let me, and I have to admit I have a strong fascination with Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to robots and digital bots. Fun fact: one of my projects at my internship last summer was building a workflow structure (basically, instructions) for a digital bot, and it was so much fun for me. Heading into a career in digital consulting, I am constantly reading about technology and innovation, and I love it! It's such a different part of my mind than you often see on here. I am always looking to support brands and businesses with women's education as their mission. It is so important to me, especially having gone to an all-girls high school and majoring in a STEM field in college. 

Balance + Positivity
You guys have probably caught onto this one in recent months, but I am incredibly passionate about living a ~balanced~ lifestyle, and I think it's something that can be rare to find on social media currently in our world. I think there are so many people who promote lifestyles that are just a bit unattainable, and while that's great that a lifestyle like that might work for them, it's just not who I am. For example, I'm not vegan or plant-based, and you guys know I love myself a cocktail... I love eating healthy when I want to, but I also love just eating whatever I want to eat, or drinking when I feel like it. But unrelated to consumable things, I also am passionate about thinking good thoughts and living a life as full of positivity as possible. I really think the power of our minds can be so underrated. I always try to look on the bright side of things, because doing so makes such a difference in how I live and feel. I have been a much happier person since I have made a conscious effort to think positively and focus on the good wherever and whenever I can. I also have felt much more content with myself by recognizing the good when it comes and letting the bad happen without making the worst of it. Life is all about balance and making the best out of every day!

This might be annoying, but I love running. I talked about this a bit in this post. I love running because it feels so good for me to push myself physically and mentally. It's really quite simple, just putting on a playlist and going for a run, but it does wonders for my mental health and making me feel strong, as cliche as it may sound!

My mom is a little southern, so she is a huge stickler about manners. It's something that has grown to be incredibly important to me in my life, and I hope to raise my own kids the same way. A few examples... whenever I go on a date with someone, my mom never lets me leave the house unless he comes up to the door to get me. Or, when I'm out with a guy, I have to admit I fully expect him to hold open a door for me... and when he does, I get excited every time! I also firmly believe in having a firm handshake and bringing hostess gifts to most occasions. I say "thank you" everywhere I go... even to my parents at the grocery store, or my friends for even small favors. I find great manners to be so attractive in people. Of course, I'm not perfect (not even close) and have a handful of rude, bad habits, but I try my best. I think sometimes I blur the line between being sarcastic but polite versus just being rude, but when it comes down to it, I like to think I have decent manners. Haha.

So, I'd love to hear if you have any passions, similar to or different from mine! I think it's so interesting to hear about what other people value that you might not realize!


  1. love reading these! I can definitely identify with the last three. I do love women in tech - but I was a journalism major and avoided science/math at all possible haha. I'm really passionate about women in sports though - more representation in mainstream media and also more women working in sports!

    1. thanks hannah!! you make such a great point-- i was listening to a podcast with Reese Witherspoon recently and didn't realize how much effort goes into making sure there are enough female-forward roles in the media!


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