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This Week's Top 10

1. We've made it through another week of quarantine! This week's highlight was heading to Madison to quarantine in my apartment for the week. While I loved being at home with my mom for the first 14 days of quarantine, I needed to get a few things from my apartment at school, and I was just missing being in my apartment. Even though we can't go anywhere, it's just nice to be back at school and pretend that senior year isn't totally over.

2. Speaking of apartments, I am in love with Allie's apartment before-and-after. It's just so cute, creative, and pretty!!! After reading that post, I did a little digging and found this old post of hers on moving to NYC to be quite helpful... definitely bookmarking this for my own move in a few months!

3. On that note, if you missed it this week, I shared some inspiration for my future apartment in a new post on small space decor (my favorite posts to write!)

4. Currently reading this book! I just started it but excited to get more into it.

5. I found this Jo Malone perfume on Express last week and ordered it as a part of my monthly collaboration with them. The Express Marketplace has so many fabulous brands, and I was delighted when I saw they had a selection of Jo Malone's perfumes! I am partial to my Aerin for every day, but this one is so lovely and a bit stronger, so I fully intend to wear it for special occasions in the coming warmer months!

6. I also ordered this cardigan and these joggers from Express. I genuinely love them both... they are so comfortable and cozy. The color of the cardigan is unlike anything else I own, and perfect for spring! (pictured on my Instagram here!)

8. I love an at-home manicure more than most things, so I am intrigued by the Olive & June Poppy! It's practically genius and aesthetically pleasing! What more could you ask for? I think I may need to order it!

9. This 3-ingredient gnocchi recipe had me drooling at first glimpse.
I also need to try the infamous Tik Tok "whipped coffee" soon. Have you? It looks amazing...

10. I think I need this cheeky candle for my quarantine self-care purchase of the week.

How was your week in quarantine? Any highlights? Accomplishments? Exciting things?!?
I hope you're all hanging in there! Keep staying at home, we are all in this together!


  1. Loved this week's top 10! Thank you for linking the NYC apartment post. I'm from NYC and looking to move out of my parents house after a few months once I officially graduate in May. Love to see a beautifully decorated place for some inspo. Also I need that candle from Anthropologie, so cute :)

    1. Thank you!! Maybe see you in NYC after all of this ends <3



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