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Favorite At-Home Workouts

I thought it would be fun to share a few at-home workouts that I've been loving lately! I surprisingly have a lot more schoolwork to do now that classes are online (not loving that), but still an ample amount of "free time," which I am doing my best not to spend entirely on Instagram or in my bed (can't say I'm doing that great of a job of that, but trying!).

I've been pretty going about mixing up my workouts and getting in at least some movement each day. I usually sit around in my bed working on blog stuff or school until like 3pm every day, so by that time my body is actually craving movement, and it isn't too hard to motivate.

The following workouts are my favorites! None of them require much equipment except for a yoga mat, and maybe some light dumbbells -- which you can makeshift at-home with wine bottles, water bottles, laundry detergent, or anything else you have on hand if you don't have weights!

Favorite At-Home Workouts

I've talked about Kamps on here before! It is my favorite workout studio in Madison, and it's now available to everyone and anyone online, for free!!! Kamps is doing 4-5 live classes every single day via Zoom, and all you have to do to get access is add your email here. I did my first one on Monday and I was so sore the next day! It's a 50-minute workout, and the instructors make it fun!

The amount of workouts available on YouTube is really endless. I love Mad Fit's videos because they are usually pretty fun and as quick or long as whichever one you choose. I mostly love the format of how simple it is to follow along. I've done a few of her HIIT videos, an arm one, too.

I've also done a few yoga flows on YouTube that I found just by typing in something like "15-minute yoga flow." There hasn't been a particular one that I loved, so I would suggest picking out one that looks good to you!

C A L I  F U L L E R
I love Cali Fuller's Instagram workouts. She does a great job of giving you simple circuit ideas and showing you how to do each move. I like her workouts especially for arm or butt workouts because I just need some inspiration for what to do, and she makes it so easy! I don't always follow her reps though, because they get so hard and I usually can't make it through like four rounds or whatever she's doing. I've done a few and been soo sore!

I just discovered that Lululemon has a ton of at-home workout videos on their website now! I haven't tried them yet but they look great... lot's of different types of yoga, with flows at all different lengths (from 15 minutes to an hour), and then some higher intensity workouts, too!

L O N G  W A L K S
My mom and I had been taking my dog on hour-long walks every evening, which is just such a great way to get outside and moving without actually doing a ton of work. I also sometimes love just putting on a podcast and going for a long walk alone.

R U N  O U T S I D E
Similarly, you all know how much I love going for a long run outside! Listening to my current playlist and taking my favorite path is just one of my favorite ways to exercise. Now that it's sunny and getting warmer, it's been so nice to get back into running.

Workout Wear I'm Loving
And just for fun, I found a ton of cute workout pieces to share! I haven't been shopping much, but I love getting packages in the mail, and I think maybe a new workout outfit would also motivate me a little bit. Everything is under $100!

Have you found any at-home workouts you love?

I hope you're all staying safe and healthy, at home!

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