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April Moodboard + Mindset

Even though I have no idea what day it is most of the time, I'm surprised we are already almost a week into April. This month I want to focus on gratitude.

It's my third week of social distancing, and I'm starting to get comfortable with the new "normal."

My days in quarantine have been going by pretty fast, which I am grateful for. Every day I wake up, work on homework or blog posts, relax, try to get some sort of exercise in, have dinner and a cocktail, and all of a sudden, it's time for bed again. As much as it's unfortunate that I can't hang out or go out with my friends, it's been relaxing to have so much more time on my hands just for myself. And, there is comfort in knowing that this big pause in our world is for the best, and good things are (hopefully) going to come from this, despite the tragedies occurring right now.

My mom and I have been talking a lot about how grateful we are that we are able to get whatever we need from grocery stores and other essential businesses. I can't imagine how terrifying and anxiety-inducing it must be for anyone experiencing financial uncertainty. These times are really scary, and my heart goes out to anyone who is feeling extra stress or hardship.

I know I keep making light of the situation, and a lot of people on social media are using this time to bake banana bread, do yoga on Instagram live, and laugh at memes. I think it's important to bring in positivity wherever and whenever we can. But I also want to recognize that this isn't an easy, fun, relaxing time for some people... 

to all of the doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who are working endless hours and unable to be with their families because of contact with patients,

to all of the grocery store clerks who work tirelessly to maintain social distancing and keep food on our shelves,

to all of the teachers restructuring curriculums and lesson plans for students,

to all of the fitness instructors working hard to provide endorphin-boosting, challenging, and strengthening workout classes, 


... and to all of the students who can no longer get the meals or resources that they are used to at school, 

to all of the parents at home trying to work with their children running around the house, 

to everyone trying to look on the bright side,

and to everyone trying to make it through just another day of uncertainty,

we are all in this together, and things will get better!



  1. I love this, Fran! Wishing you the best during this crazy time!



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