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Current // February Playlist

Introducing my current playlist: loveR&Bean! I've been super into R&B lately, so my February playlist is silky, smooth vibes!

The story behind the name: 
If you're new here, you should know I like naming my playlists really odd things. I think it's fun and kind of lets me be creative in a different way! This playlist was originally titled "lover bean," because my roommates and I all call each other beans! It started in the fall when my brother called Coco, one of my roommates, "Coco bean," and quickly it became Celia bean, Frannie bean, Elizabean... you get it!

So, thinking of February and Valentine's day, it made sense to name the playlist "lover bean!" I've also been calling everyone I love my "lover beans" recently. Then, when I realized I was obsessing over alternative R&B music, it became loveR&Bean.... what a coincidence it worked out so well! I'm proud. Lol, typing this out now makes me sound so weird.

This month's playlist isn't entirely R&B... I still mixed in random, new-to-me songs I'm loving, which means lots of alternative and a little bit of hip-hop/rap, electronic, and pop, too. I like what I like! I'd say overall this one is just an "easy listening" vibe... I like having it on in the background and it's just kinda nice! I've been very into Yoke Lore in the last couple of months, and nonstop listening to FKJ, as usual!

If you listen, let me know your favorite song!



I hope you enjoy it, lover beans!! ;)

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