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Cold Weather Running Essentials

After last week's post, I remembered that in December on Insta Stories I said I would share how I layer when I run outside! So... better late than never I guess. As much as I love to run, there are few things I dread more than running on a treadmill. Not only do I find it boring, but it's so challenging for me! So, when it gets cold outside, I make sure to have plenty of essentials on hand to ensure I can still go on my cherished outdoor runs! Although it's been a little too icy and snowy for me recently, I'm hopefully going to be able to run outside soon!

My general rule of thumb is that I can run outside as long as it's at least 32 degrees. Anything above freezing really isn't as bad as it may sound! Below that, however, it is so not worth it to me. Not only is it super cold, but I just don't think it's worth it when there's ice on the ground and a high likelihood of slipping and falling!

When I ran the half marathon in November, race day was about 33 degrees. While preparing for the race, by far the most challenging run I did was a 5-miler one day in 19-degree weather while it was misting. It was probably the most painful run of my life, and since that experience, you will absolutely not find me running outside below 32 degrees any time soon, or probably ever again. Clearly, it was scarring, as I'm still thinking about it three months later!

If it's roughly 32, I've nailed my favorite outfit:
thick leggings + long sleeve + outer layer + headwrap + gloves + shoes
that's it! here are the details:

Amazon Running Gloves // I bought these last minute before the race in November when I realized simply how painful it is to have cold hands while running! These are super inexpensive, have the touch-screen fingers, and are still warm enough to keep you comfortable!

Lululemon Headwarmer // I love this little guy, now on sale! I, again, bought it for the race in November, and it's really fabulous. It stays on throughout your entire run, and it holds in my AirPods nicely too! It does get pretty gross after your head sweats in it for an hour and a half, but after washing, it's good as new! I also love the spot in the back for your ponytail. Very well designed overall.

Vest or Zip Up // I have this 1/2 zip that I love so much! It's so warm and comfortable, and roomy enough for a long-sleeve underneath. It's also really on sale right now, and so is this very similar one! I also have this vest that is warm, insulating, and another great option for extra warmth, or instead of a 1/2 zip. 

Fleece Thermal Long-Sleeve // I have a fleece-lined long sleeve shirt very similar to this one that I seriously love for running when it's cold out. If it's cold but not that cold, I can just wear it on its own, too!

Thicker leggings // I have a particularly thick pair of leggings that I always choose when I'm going for a cold run. My usual go-to leggings would be my aligns, but they are far too thin for running when the weather is so cold. I am 99% percent positive that this pair in the full length is the thick pair I have! They are the perfect thickness, super tight (in the best way), high rise, and the pockets are great for your phone and keys!

How do you layer for a winter run?

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