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Playlist // The Good Kind of Sad

One of my goals for my blog this year is to share more of my playlists! In 2019 I started making monthly playlists, as well as a few random playlists for certain kinds of ~vibes~. I absolutely love creating playlists, and I spend far more hours on Spotify than I'd like to admit. Today I am sharing a little playlist that I've titled, "The Good Kind of Sad," because what better day to share than on my last first day of school (!!!) when I'm feeling all kinds of {good kinds of} sad.

Another huge reason I wanted to share this playlist today: Mac Miller's posthumous EP was released on Friday and it is absolutely beautiful. The entire album is under an hour, and I couldn't recommend more for everyone to just sit down and listen to it straight through (turn off the shuffle!) one afternoon, morning, or night before bed. It is a brilliant work of art and needs to be recognized.

Moving on:

If you've listened to any of my playlists before, you know that when it comes to music, I don't discriminate. In the summer I love country, in the winter I can't get enough jazz, and in the fall I'm always listening to folk and alternative (check out my fall playlist here!). When I'm running, I love really hard rap (lol), EDM, and pop music... you get the point! I like everything.

However, no matter the season, the songs I always tend toward (and always have), according to my friends at least, are "sad" songs. I don't think of myself as a sad person, but for some reason, I just really like mellow, soft music! Whether I'm relaxing in my room or getting ready for bed, I like listening to sad vibes! Not in a depressing way, it's just calming and nice, and that's what I enjoy!

Maybe this is just me, but when you're on an airplane, do you ever pick out a certain song for takeoff and landing because they strike a chord in you and just kinda get you in your ~feels~ for your flight? When I think of this particular playlist, that's the best vibe I can analogize it to...

Or maybe, when it's raining, and you're thinking about things that you only think about when it's rainy and dark outside... the kind of music you listen to when you're chilling, but also sort of emotional (I wish there was a less intense word to describe this), and you want mellow music, but not like, "cry your heart out" music... am I making any sense?!

Well whatever... without further adieu, enjoy this playlist! The songs are sad... but the good kind of sad, if you will. (here is the apple music link, too!)

Ok, fine, a few of them are actually sad.
But for the most part, the playlist vibe is the good kind of sad!

I love this playlist, and it's one I plan to add to as time goes on!
Let me know what you think ;)


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