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Goodbye, Winter Break

Ahh!!! I can't believe I am heading back to school today for my last semester of college! I am excited, sad, and a little nervous, as always with a new semester. Although this is my eighth time around the block, starting a new semester of school never comes without a few bumps in the road. I can't believe this is it!

Usually, I dread winter break. It tends to feel long, boring, and... cold. Hah. However, this year I spent much of break in warmer weather (Dallas for Christmas and the second week of January in sunny New York) and surrounded myself with so many different people while I was home. For once, winter break was quite pleasant and I'm going to miss it!

As much as I love school (I can't shut up about how fun Madison is!), I always forget how nice it is to spend time with other friends for a few weeks and take a break from so much partying. I feel so refreshed when I take time for myself, and I forget how good it feels to slow down and spend my time differently! I slept until noon most days this winter break, which is honestly crazy, and I hung out with so many different friends while I was home. Traveling to see my family was also such a blessing, and I'm so happy I got to spend time in sunny places! Not to mention, time at home with my mom (and my little dog!) is really important to me too, so I'm happy we could host our annual party and just hang out a lot in between my trips.

A few highlights from break...
enjoy the following *previously* unpublished photos!

Spent Christmas in Dallas + went to my first rodeo in Fort Worth!

Celebrated New Years with my friend, Koryn! // Koryn's boyfriend's band, The Oxleys, is fabulous, so we went to their show at the cutest bar for NYE! I brought my mom along too (for the first couple of hours ;) and it was the perfect lowkey night I didn't know I needed.

Went spinning with Carin! // The two of us have had such different schedules in college that we don't get to spend nearly as much time together as we used to. Dedicating a morning to a workout and lunch together was such a great way to catch up

Tried yoga again! // I went to a hot yoga class one day because I had a few ClassPass credits I wanted to use. I am so glad I gave yoga another chance because the class felt so good.

Went ice skating again. // I used to figure skate when I was younger, and it was one of my favorite things! I went skating for an hour one afternoon and forgot what a great workout it is... it was a great way to sweat and do some cardio that was different from my usual outdoor runs. I was so sore after!

Spent a week on Long Island with my aunt and cousin! // This was so relaxing and full of good vibes. I just love them so much and we had such a great time just hanging out together and catching up. We've decided we're going to have my graduation party over the Fourth of July weekend at our house in the Hamptons, so I'm counting down the days until I see them again then!

While I was on Long Island, I got lunch with my best friend from Lehigh!! We only see each other about once a year, so it's always really special and so much fun! 

Read 5 books. // I'm going to share them in detail in a few days!! SO many good ones I can't wait to share!

Saw my high school friends. // I love my high school friend group and it's so nice to hang out and spend time together when we are home. We had a big Friendsgiving back in November but got to catch up again a few times over winter break for wine nights.

What were your highlights of winter break?

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