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Gift Guide: My Christmas List

Happy Monday! Now that it's December, I'm officially preparing for finals and starting to think about the holidays. My mom and I host a semi-annual cookie exchange party, and this year I'm so excited to have it again. It has to be my favorite holiday event ever, so I can't wait to send out invitations and start planning my outfit. Another holiday endeavor I'm working on, of course, is my Christmas list. Most years I come up with a small handful of things I've had my eyes on to ask for, and this year is pretty much the same. My mom purposely does not ask my brother or I what we want because she always has ideas and wants to surprise us instead, so my "list" is more for my dad, grandparents, and honestly, myself!

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There is definitely nothing that I need this year, so I had a harder time coming up with things to list off. Most of these products are pretty random, and nothing too exciting this year. Outside of this post I won't actually ask for half of these things, but I do think they would all make for great gift ideas. Actually-- I could really use a new planner for 2019

My roommates and I have been obsessed with watching YouTube makeup tutorials lately so I would love to try these dew drops, this lip gloss, glow serum, lip liner, a jade roller, and especially this brush set.

I love this pink sweater, and I would love a tiny pair of pave hoops for my double and triple piercings.

I somehow opened up the door to wearing joggers to class and now I think it's imperative I grow my collection. I love this pair!

I've heard amazing things about AirPods. Everyone I know who has them claims that they will not fall out of your ears while running!! I also love the idea of being able to listen to music when I'm walking between classes, because I'm always in the mood to do that but can't stand pulling out headphones. 

How cute is this See by Chloe bag?!

You guys know how often I wear my Levi's, and I love this pair, too.

You can never have too many coffee table books.

What's on your Christmas list?

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