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Street Style Looks Reinvented For Class

When it comes to getting dressed for class, I've been trying to look a little more put together this year in my business classes. Last year, I wore leggings and a big sweater the majority of the time because I was attending big lectures where I didn't know anyone and didn't really feel the need to make a good impression. This year, however, I've been using my business classes as a good excuse to get into the habit of looking presentable. This has resulted in little changes from leggings to more stylish jeans and tops instead of sweatshirts. Recently, a lot of my style inspiration has come from Street Style looks from fashion weeks throughout the months, and I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites and how they can easily be tweaked to be more class appropriate!

sweater // jeans // doc marten's boots

layered necklaces // black sweater dress // white sneaks

How would you style street style looks for class?

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