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Spring Break Destination Reveal

Happy Monday! I took last week off of blogging to recover from a horrible cold I caught while in New York two weekends ago. I spent this weekend at home relaxing and hanging out with my mom, and I am finally feeling a little bit better. There aren't many things that make you feel more drained than a post-vacation slump combined with a bad cold, nasty cough, and tons of homework on top. I am recovering mentally however with my sights set on spring break! Guess where I'm headed?!

My best friend Lauren and I had so much fun in New York two weekends ago that we figured we needed to plan another trip together ASAP. I'm very, very excited to announce that her and I are heading to London next month for a week!!! I have been to London once before, three summers ago when I was 16, and I am so excited to go back. London is gorgeous everywhere you turn, and between the gardens, colorful homes, and all of the British accents, the atmosphere is really one that can't be beat. Plus, since there is obviously no language barrier, it's such an easy trip for two college girls to take on sans-adult.
would so love to do the pink-on-pink look while in London town, and of course will need to pack a trench coat!

outfit 1: sunglasses (look-alikes for these Prada's, but under $100)
pink sweater (just $20!) // pink pants // bag //sneaks

outfit 2: neck scarf // trench (40% off right now and comes in four fun colors) // bag // jeans // shoes

Our flights are booked, our Air BNB is all set for our arrival, and our itineraries are started to get planned. Any London recs that we need to put on our list? So far we are planning to spend a few hours exploring the colorful streets of Notting Hill, going to sketch for a snack or dinner, and exploring Covent Garden and SoHo. Where else must we go while we are there?

the photos in this post are from Notting Hill-- I took them during my visit in 2015.

Although I've been once before,  I was only there for three days before continuing onto other countries. This time, we have a whole week to kill and I want to fill my days with the best plan possible! On Easter Sunday we will most likely try to attend mass at St. Paul's Cathedral, but is there another church you guys know of or would recommend?

Where are you heading for spring break? I would love to hear!

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  1. This sounds like such a fun trip! I can't wait to see more pictures from this adventure!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee


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