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Ear Party Inspiration

For the last couple of months I have really been itching to get more ear piercings. When I was a senior in high school, one of my close friends gave me a double piercing when we were all hanging out having a girls night. I ended up letting it close a few months later because I didn't like the position of the piercing, but lately I have been thinking more and more seriously about not only repiercing my double, but doing triple or quadruple piercings on my left ear!

I wear gold huggies as my everyday earrings, and I want to do an "F" and an "A" above my huggies, and then a tiny diamond stud above those. I stole my huggies from my mom, and they are a really beautiful set with three tiny diamonds set in them. Here is a similar pair! I have been scouring Pinterest lately for ear candy inspiration, and here are some of the looks I am really into:

I definitely want to do a triple, but then I might consider later on doing the inner part or an outer cuff halfway up my ear! I love the look of a ton of minimal earrings crawling up the ears. I think it's such a unique way to add a little flair to everyday jewelry.

How many ear piercings do you have? Do I sound crazy?

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