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Gift Guides for Dad, Boyfriend, and Brother

I apologize that this post is going up a little later than usual! I originally had planned to come home for Thanksgiving this afternoon, but spontaneously decided to head home last night instead to celebrate my best friend's birthday. Suffice it to say I didn't get it together in time to have this post scheduled for this morning, but I have finished it up now and I'm excited to share three gift guides for the guys! Specifically, one each for dads, boyfriends, and brothers. Personally, I love shopping for guys, and all of the gifts you'll find below are items that I have either given in the past, plan to give this year, or know that my dad/boyfriend/brother loves and uses it already.

Patagonia vest // Pendleton blanket // UGG Slippers (I got these for Jack last year and he loves them!)

Daniel Wellington watch (I got this for Jack two Christmases ago and it was definitely a hit)

Duffel (it's so cute and gingham inside!)

Needlepoint wallet // Initial Dopp Kit // "Cabin" pants (how cute are these?!)


Record Player (I got this for my brother for his birthday and he loved it)

LL Bean Hat // Charging dock (I love this idea, especially because my brother has all three of the pieces!)

Mittens // Pajama Pants (not too exciting, but definitely a solid practical idea if nothing else)

Leather gloves // Ice cube mold (my brother got this for my dad last year and he uses them all the time for drinks-- if your dad drinks Manhattans then this one is especially necessary!!)

Leather sneakers (my dad either has this exact pair or something super similar and they're one of his favorite casual shoes! Plus, I think they look really stylish, which sometimes dads can use help with :)

Happy gifting!! And only two days until Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. That dopp kit is a great gift idea! My sister got my husband one last year & he loves it and uses it all the time when he travels!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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