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This Week's Top 10

how amazing are Sara's pictures from the flatiron?!

1. I am leaving for New York this afternoon after my internship! I am so excited to spend a weekend in the Hamptons and next week in Manhattan! Here's a sneak peek of what I'm packing.

2. An incredible travel guide to Nice, France. Nice is definitely in my top 3 destinations and this post gave me such wanderlust!

3. Speaking of wanderlust, this guide to the Greek Islands is something I can only dream of!

6. There are some amazing deals and sales going on right now for home decor. Shop my guide here.

8. This outfit has been on repeat for me all summer!

10. Happy Friday!!! Do you have any funs plans for the weekend? I'll land in NYC around 7:30 and then I'm headed to dinner and off to the Hamptons tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to put my avocado pool float to use ;)


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