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Packing for New York (all under $100!)

If you've been following on my blog for the past, like, 6 summers, you might be familiar with my always spontaneous jaunts to the east coast each August. Last summer I took the most incredible trip to New York, Rhode Island, and Maine for two weeks with my dad, boyfriend and brother to celebrate my 18th birthday and high school graduation. Tomorrow I am heading to New York City and the Hamptons (and Long Island for a bit!) to see some of my best friends from Lehigh, see Kings of Leon in concert, celebrate my dad's birthday, and just hang out. For the majority of the 10-ish days that I will be gone I will be on my own, but I am excited to just see my dad even if only for a few days (he moved to Dallas just about a year ago!) and hang out in one of my favorite cities! Not to mention, seeing a few of my friends and one of my favorite bands in concert doesn't hurt ;) I've missed my Lehigh girlfriends and I am excited to see Kings of Leon live! 

Packing for this trip had been a little bit of a struggle as I have only a rough idea of what my actual plans are, so when it comes to what I am actually going to throw in my suitcase.... well, I'm merely working on it. I have ordered a few dresses, stocked up on some travel staples, and curated a little lust-list of what I wish I were folding into my carry-on. Lucky for you, it'll be a sort of surprise as to what pieces fall into which category because you're looking at all those goodies above!

What I know for sure: I am leaving tomorrow afternoon and returning late at the end of next weekend, spending tomorrow and the earlier part of Saturday in the city with one of my aunts, the rest of the weekend in the Hamptons, the earlier part of the week in Long Island for the concert, the middle of the week with my dad in the city, and the following weekend in the city again, hopefully just exploring and spending time with friends! Like I said, a very rough plan.

On another note: I have come to realize that I frequent the same locations and restaurants/coffee shops/shops in general when I visit the city, so if you have any absolutely favorite spots in NYC that you think I must check out, I am all ears!

Have you gone on any fun trips this summer?


  1. I love both pairs of shoes. Espadrilles are one of my favorite trends. They look so chic.


  2. My favorite Avo Toast in the city: Andaz hotel on 5th ave, they also have the most insane freshly squeezed apple juice!

  3. So jealous that you are going to see Kings of Leon! They are one of my favorites! Have fun on your vacation, girly!



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