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6 Shoes (Under $100) I'm Loving

This summer I can't seem to get enough of all the cute shoe trends popping up everywhere. From platforms to espadrilles and strappy sandals... I am in love with almost all of the cute footwear out right now. One thing I just can't get myself on the bandwagon for is slides. Maybe it's just me (it feels like it is!) but I'm not a fan... of course, to each their own! I do, however, love a great pair of mules, as you can see below!

I think platform shoes are kind of a funky and retro trend. I love the leather pair above (which also come in light blue!) because they're a totally classic material and style, but the platform just adds something quirky which I find so fun. They're 40% off right now, so a perfect time to snatch!

Of course, as you guys know, I love myself some cute lace-up sandals. The pair above is only $50 and this pair is almost identical at $20. I just recently received the Saturday sandals from Olive and June, and I can't stop wearing them! They are especially fun because you can tie the laces a bunch of different ways. 

Okay, finally, I have been the biggest fan of Soludos for two years now, ever since I wore my Soludos espadrilles around Europe for two weeks without any blisters. I am the biggest advocated for them knowing that their shoes are not only incredible cute and well-priced, but comfortable enough to walk miles in without a problem. What other brand can you say that for? It's such a triple threat. So, these white frayed mules? I need.



  1. Great suggestions! I might need to add #1 and #5 into my closet!
    xo, Scarlett

  2. Up until this summer, I've never really considered myself a big "shoes person". I always gravitated towards buying clothes, until now! I don't know what it is this summer, but the shoes game has been SO GOOD. I've accumulated a few pairs since being home from college ;-) XO, Nicole //


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