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This Week's Top 10

1. I apologize for being MIA this week. I've been busy preparing to take today off of my internship to go to U Wisconsin for a transfer student day, so that's resulted in staying at work until 6:30 a few nights when I am used to heading home around 4. It's kind of surprising how much less time that leaves me with... I get home, eat dinner, hang out with friends, and all of a sudden I'm jumping in bed to do it all over again!

2. On Monday though, I did share 6 shoes under $100 that I am loving right now.

3. Last night I went to dinner with Elizabeth and one of our close high school friends that we hadn't seen since last summer. We went to the best empanada bar in Milwaukee and had a ton of fun catching up. If you haven't already, go check out my Insta post!

4. If there are two things I have been feeling lately, it's 1. lazy, and 2. eager to shop. How lucky for us that the Nordstrom sale early access started yesterday and we can all shop from our beds this weekend!

5. How beautiful is this airy, summer home tour? Major inspiration for decorating my apartment.

6. This over-the-top avocado toast looks daaaaank.

7. I am having trouble finding bedding for this year! Where should I look?

8. This adorable striped denim dress with bow sleeves is just $30!

9. Obsessed with these high-waisted bow shorts.

10. Tonight I am going to a Brewer's game with friends after I get back from U of Wisconsin, tomorrow I am spending the day at the lake, and Sunday I think I might go to Six Flags again with Jack! It'll definitely be a fun weekend filled with lots of summery things, so I'm excited to spend time in the sun and with friends. What are your plans?


  1. You should look at Anthropologie for bedding - they have so many great options!

    xo, brooke

  2. Pottery Barn Teen has a lot of great options. I have actually ordered my bedding from there! Great quality!



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