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Two Weeks Until Independence Day

You guys... WHAT. Last time I checked, I was struggling to finish finals and anticipating summer so hard. Now? We are two weeks away from July. How does life keep moving so fast! I guess time flies when you're having fun, and especially when keeping busy with so many things you love. 

To me, Fourth of July is always like the peak of summer. It usually feels like a halfway point too, which I can't exactly say that I'm happy about. I really feel like all I've done is rush around and work this summer, and I haven't really made any memories or done anything incredibly exciting with friends. Plus, I am so used to traveling a ton, and this might be the first summer in my whole life that I haven't jet-set at all. I guess this could also just seem like a bit of a let down because by this time last summer I had been to a ton of graduation parties, and celebrating was constantly on the agenda... Ugh. 

Retail therapy, anyone?

watermelon pajamas top + shorts // bow shoulder top // gingham bikini
stripe peplum hem dress // white denim skirt // cork jack rogers // sunglasses
red leather lace-up sandals // white frayed mules
American flag iPhone case // bubble earrings // red, white, blue stripe shirt

practically everything is under $100!

How has your summer been going? Have you done anything fun?! Let me live vicariously through you, pleaseeeee!


  1. I'm with you on this summer! Last summer I spent it with tons of my friends, we were at the lake every weekend, I had went on several trips...this summer has kind of been a let down. But I try to look at it as though this has been a summer for re-setting and relaxing, which it has :) Hope July absolutely rocks for you!

    xoxo, SS

  2. Good to know that you are working to prepare yourself for the independence day. Seeing your preparations, I believe you will stand out the best.
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