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Sorority Recruitment Outfit Advice Needed

Thank you to everyone who dropped a sweet comment/tweet/email, or even read Tuesday's post. You're all the best when it comes to things like that, so thank you for making this little corner of the internet such a positive place for me! Continuing on the theme of college, I'm starting to plan out what I want to wear for rush, which basically means I'm also starting to stress out a little bit and I'm feeling really clueless with outfit planning. 

For sorority recruitment at Lehigh, there are two seniors from each sorority chapter that disaffiliate from their house for the year to help an assigned group of PNM's (potential new members) with any questions/concerns related to rush. These girls are called our Rho Gamma's, and I think most schools usually have them, but they're sometimes titled differently. Anyway, our Rho Gamma's give us the general idea of what to wear for each of the rounds of recruitment, but I'm still struggling to nail down the specifics. 

Here's how rush works at Lehigh:

Round 1 //  We visit all 9 houses
Dress is "something you'd wear to class," (on a good day!) which means like a cute sweater/jeans/boots

Round 2 // I think we visit 5 or 6 houses
Dress is same as Round 1

Round 3 // I think that's down to 3 houses!
Dress is "what you'd wear to meet your significant other's parents" or "to a fancier dinner" (I'm thinking a skirt? But what kind of shoes...? TBH, when I met Jack's parents for the first time it was in their car picking us up from freshman homecoming, and then I didn't see them again until we started dating junior year and I think I was in Lulu leggings and a t-shirt... #noshame)

Round 4 // Pref Night! The last two houses!
Dress is a cocktail dress!

Bid day!
Each chapter is given a shirt and that's what the whole Pledge Class wears

Here's kind of what I'm thinking:

Rounds 1&2:

Round 3:


Any ideas and advice would be so appreciated, whether you've gone through rush or not! Thank you in advance!!


  1. Love your outfit choices! As far as shoes go, I would stay with something cute but comfortably.You will be on your feet for a really long time!! I have lots of recruitment tips on my blog if you need them!


  2. If you wear high heeled shoes/boots, make sure to pack a pair of comfy shoes like uggs so you can give your feet a rest between houses and on the walk to/from your dorm. It'll save your feet!
    Best of luck!

  3. Make sure you wear something that constantly needs don't want to be pulling up a low cut top while meeting a house!

  4. I think the second outfit is absolutely perfect for round 1 or 2. you'll be so happy you chose flats!!

  5. I've never done rush but here's some outfit inspo for round 3! This is something I wear out to dinner but it's a little much for class. The booties have a comfortable heel as well: Also, two girls from my high school class are in Alpha Phi at Lehigh. I have no idea about the rep of that sorority specifically at Lehigh, but they are both great girls so that bodes well! Have fun with rush :)

  6. Rounds are 9-7-5-2 parties -- wear some interesting jewelry (great convo starters), think lighter sweaters or layers as the houses will get warm. Don't wear a watch to avoid looking at it -- and appearing to be "bored" or uninterested in the party you're attending. Ditto the comfy shoes between parties. Your bag should have lip gloss, oil blotting sheets and breath mints. It's a long open house round.

  7. Ah rush! The most exciting yet draining days ever! Your outfit pics look awesome and totally fitting :) one tip I have is to bring chapstick woth you as well as a snack/water for in between rounds!

  8. I don't have any advice but I'm so excited to hear about your process!!

  9. Your outfit choices are on point; but here are a few friendly reminders! Make sure to keep covered up..aka lean to the modest side of clothing. I'm sure that won't be a problem because it's winter-but just something to keep in mind! Also, make sure you wear comfy shoes-heels aren't recommend unless they're something you wear very often for long periods of time because you'll spend quite a bit of time on your feet!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  10. These choices look great! As one of the anonymous people said above it's a good idea to wear a piece of interesting jewelry or a noticeable (but appropriate) shirt as the sisters in each chapter will meet a lot of PNMs in one night and if they have clothing to remember you by as well as the conversation you have that can be helpful! For just general advice, be yourself and don't discount any houses based on first impressions or rumors you've heard around campus, most of all have fun! Excited to hear how it goes!


  11. How did your first day of recruitment go??


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