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Bundled Up in Barbour

A few days before Christmas, Carin and I went downtown to do a little last minute shopping and coincidentally matched in our Barbour jackets! I know, such a surprise, right? Of course, we had to commemorate the #twinning with a collab, so hopefully you enjoy my post and her's today!

Barbour jacket + liner // Skier shirt (sold out, similar here) // Hat c/o // Rebecca Minkoff bag 
Small pearl necklace (similar here) // Anchor wrap bracelet c/o // Monogrammed Ring (similar here)

I have to say, this outfit could not be more suited for our weather right now. When I put my liner in my Barbour jacket it makes it so, so warm. Having a winter coat that doubles as a jacket when it starts warming up and triples as a chic piece of outerwear that matches everything really make the Barbour an incredibly worthy investment. I love how this skier shirt looks underneath, too. Jack gave this shirt to me that year for Christmas and I always wear it a ton when it's cold out because it's just too cute to not! And did I mention that I wear this hat every. single. day? When Carin and I were up north this lady actually came up to me and asked where I got it because she loved the pouf so much... it seriously is such a cuter version of the average fur pouf hat ;)

What are your plans for the week? I'm excited for another whole week at home on winter break and the Bachelor is on tonight!! Nick is from Milwaukee, and although he's really not my favorite, I love that I can relate to being from Wisconsin. Things like this never happen!

Happy Monday!


  1. Your hat is too cute! I'm on the fence as to whether or not I want to watch this season of The Bachelor or not. This week I'm working on getting to the gym and blogging!


  2. Your hat is adorable! Nick isn't my favorite either, but I love watching the show!

    Alexa //

  3. That hat and jacket are so cute! Will definitely have to try something like this for the extra chilly days!


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