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This Week's Top 10

1. This is my new favorite t-shirt in my wardrobe,

2. I got Jack this water bottle last weekend in Chicago and I think I need it for myself now, it's so cute!!

3. I'm so excited about this fall skirt staple now in my wardrobe. 

6. I'm going to Dallas for Thanksgiving and this post will definitely come in handy.

7. Please don't tell me it's too early to think about holiday party outfits, because this top (well under $100!) definitely needs to get in my closet for events to come.

8. This outfit on Liz is what my fashion dreams are made of.

9. Dear carrot tea cake, get in my mouth, like, now, please!

10. I wish every weekend could be as great as last weekend! Do you have any fun weekend plans for the next few days? Nothing too excited going on around here...


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  1. I absolutely love Dallas- be sure you check out Steel City Pops! I recommend it to literally everyone. Also, Babe's in Roanoke (nearby if you'll have a car) is the epitome of Texas dinner.
    xo, Hannah


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