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Signs of Fall + The Plaid Blanket Scarf

It's crazy that it's been fall for almost a month now and it's just starting to feel like the season is upon us here in PA. Being a third of the way through October is weird to wrap my mind around, but I can't say it doesn't give me an excited and grateful feeling everytime I walk around my pretty campus and see all of the red and orange leaves starting to fall.

On Sunday I broke out my favorite plaid blanket scarf that my dad got me for Christmas and I love the way the orange and navy combo always makes me feel so seasonal and festive. Unfortunately this specific scarf can't be found on Madewell's site anymore, but you can see it featured in this outfit post here, and shop similar picks below:

The blanket scarf is just such a cute and cozy addition to any fall outfit that really brightens a look and makes it feel more autumnal. Do you have a favorite blanket scarf?


  1. That scarf looks like it would be so so comfy, I love it! It's crazy how it's already been fall for almost a month, I'm only just now starting to realize it! Hope you have a good week!
    xoxo, Addie

  2. love the huge checks!
    xo, Hannah

  3. It's still been a LITTLE too warm in Chicago for me to break my blanket scarves out, but I'm fully planning to as soon as I can!


  4. I recently got a scarf very similar to that I love the fall vibe it gives off! It's still a little to0 warm here to be wearing it though. Here's to hopes it cools down soon!

    Caitlyn |


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