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This Week's Top 10

1. My roommate is visiting her boyfriend at school this weekend, and as much as I love her (seriously, we're best friends!), I'm kind of excited to have a room to myself for the weekend!!

2. I discovered a new-to-me "college blog" this week that has a ton of really helpful articles and gives great advice and tips. I really liked "four simple steps to doing college right"

3. On a similar note, I had my first midterm this week! I know I really overdramatized it with the Insta post and all of the Snapchats, so thanks to everyone who wished me luck. I think it went okay! Only two more this coming week and then my first set of college midterms will come to a close... yay!!

4. I had a super fun time this week hanging out with a reader, hopefully you saw my latest outfit post (and new fall transition outfit uniform!) right here.

5. Fall style really can't be beat. It's the best, and Blair Eadie and Barbour are quite the dynamic duo.

6. Speaking of, my Barbour is pretty much going to be my best friend this season.

7. I was a little surprised to see the off shoulder trend continuing into cold-weather wear!! How do we feel about this off-shoulder sweater?

8. Don't miss 40% off at Loft! 

9. One week until parents weekend!! I'm going to spend this weekend studying and preparing to knocking out my exams so I can get excited for a fun weekend next weekend!

10. So, tomorrow is October 1st. Wait, what?


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  1. I love, love, love As Life Grows! I'm so glad your first midterm went alright. Just remember that one not-so-good test grade isn't the end of the world and you still have plenty of time to get the grade that you want. Enjoy your weekend to yourself & happy fall!!


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