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White Dinner Recap

It's hard to believe that White Dinner, the final senior dance for my school, was already two weeks ago. This summer is definitely in full swing, but it still hasn't even hit me that it's actually summer! The White Dinner dance was honestly the most fun dance I've ever been to and the whole venue was so beautiful that I felt like we were really at a wedding the whole time... only adding to that was the fact that we were all in our white dresses! It's crazy to consider myself a "college" student now, but also so fun to look ahead towards all of the new adventures to come. I definitely think I finished the year in the most fun way possible, so it makes me feel so happy to have created the memories that I did!

Does your school have any fun traditions like this? You can read a little more about white dinner and my graduation recap here and graduation party recap here.



  1. I absolutely love this! I graduated in a long white dress too, but we all matched. (I love that you each got to pick your own!!!) I always thought it was such a waste to only wear that expensive dress once; a celebration like this and a chance to wear the dress again would have been so fun!


  2. This looks like such a fun tradition! Congrats again on graduating Frannie!


  3. Gorgeous dresses! Sophie x


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