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10 Summer Tops Under $25

1: scalloped // 2: fringe // 3: gingham // 4: tassel // 5: off-shoulder
6: hot pink // 7: lace-up // 8: bows // 9: off-shoulder // 10: striped

One thing that actually motivates me to wear "real clothes" in the summer is the simple fact that working at a custom paper store making wedding invitations makes me feel like I'm doing something cute, and I like to look cute while doing cute things. Makes sense, right? When I'm getting dressed, however, I never seem to have enough cute and casual summer tops that I can just throw on with shorts and sandals and run out the door. So, for both you and I, I rounded up a bunch of fun summer tops that are all $25 or under to make a closet seem a little more full the next time you need something cute for a casual afternoon.


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