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Festival Style

Yesterday was such a fun day. I spent the whole day outside,starting with a two hour drive to go cliff jumping and hiking at one of the coolest parks in Wisconsin, and then my boyfriend and I drove back and went on such a nice walk on the beach last night. Yesterday's weather was gorgeous, and hopefully it will continue this way! Especially because Summerfest starts tomorrow, it would be so nice to enjoy some of my favorite artists on nice summer nights.

For graduation my mom got my tickets to see my absolute favorite band, Alabama Shakes. The concert is Saturday and I couldn't be more excited! I plan to go to Summerfest probably 4-5 other times too, and the one thing I always stress about is what to wear. If we are being honest, I just don't have too many "chill" clothes in my closet! Here's what I'd love to be wearing:
top // necklace // cut-offs // orange bracelets // gold bangle // sandals


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