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Bloggers Who Brunch

It's no secret that every blogger out there is guilty of going to brunch far too often, taking too many pictures of their food, Instagramming it, and then later posting the outfit they wore to brunch too, making a whole event out of their morning. I must say, brunching is definitely in my top 3 things to do just in life in general. After all, I'm a self proclaimed brunch addict.

Today, Caroline, Sammy, Renee, PJ, Meg, JessicaMacy and I are all sharing our favorite local brunch spots and what we wear to brunch!

To me, a brunch outfit has to be something comfortable enough that you can sit and eat, expand a little in ;) and be comfortable for the occasionally dreaded sliding into seats or standing around waiting for tables. What better outfit than a flowy, cute and trendy top (off-shoulder is everything right now!) and trusty white jeans paired with fun shoes and a classic bag...

top c/o // white jeans // sandals // straw clutch (similar here and here)

There are a ton of great brunch spots in Milwaukee. Seriously, I could go to brunch at maybe 7 different spots in the city and be extremely excited and it wouldn't even make a difference where I was headed. Whether it's the Original Pancake House two blocks away from me with the best pancakes and huge omelettes, the cafe at the Plaza hotel for incredible baked oatmeal, or the always-packed Comet cafe for unique and funky brunch dishes, the list goes on and on!

One of those favorites of mine is Honeypie Cafe. A lot of the restaurants in Milwaukee are called Cafe XYZ or something Cafe, which is super weird to me because they aren't actually cafe's... they're literally just restaurants! Honeypie is owned by the same people who also own Cafe Centraal, also pictured below, but I especially love the tiny and cozy atmosphere at Honeypie, and of course the blue and white napkins!

The last time I went to Honeypie for brunch was actually on New Year's Eve with Carin and another friend, and my friend and I split the special that day which was this incredible skillet layered with eggs, cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, etc. It was seriously out of this world, and we followed it up with a slice of rhubarb pie, a la mode of course.

I also want to mention Cafe Centraal, because unlike Honeypie, which has a smaller menu, Centraal's menu is so wonderful and abundant that I often feel like I might as well just order like five things and I would probably love them all so much I could eat every single one. I mean seriously, it's that good.

Don't forget to check out CarolineSammyReneePJMegJessica and Macy's posts today too sharing their brunch outfits and favorite spots.


  1. So so cute! This is probably my favorite outfit you have ever posted, Fran!

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  2. Obsessed with your bag and your bracelet!! I love that you did this brunch collab - it's my favorite meal ;)

  3. People who works there are some of the sweetest people I've met. Save yourself some time and just go there. Everyone at Seattle Venues is sweet and ask how you've been, even though normally staff keep their heads down.


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