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Weekend Travel Recap: Part 2

Happy Monday! How crazy is it to think that it's already May?! This year has seriously flown by. And, to add to that, I already know this is going to be a crazy month with prom, graduation, graduation parties, and more things to celebrate along the way. I'm excited, but also a little anxious knowing that this is my last month of high school before I'm officially thrown into my final summer before college!

As per usual, I have dragged out my latest vacation longer than is good for me, so I want to tie up my trip today by recapping the events of the last few days of my long weekend out east. You can read part one here. I left off my last recap mentioning that I headed out the Hamptons on Saturday night where we celebrated my cousins birthday at dinner.

We went to a cute Italian place that I unfortunately can't remember the name of, and returned home for coffee and cake. Sunday we woke up, made a yummy breakfast, and relaxed before my dad and I drove my Grandpa back home to Brooklyn. 

When we dropped him off, we then got pizza at Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge, which was so good and totally worth the wait, and then walked over the bridge!

I had never done the Brooklyn Bridge before, so it was super fun to try out a little tourist attraction while I was in NYC. Sometimes I feel like I do the same things over and over again and it's fun to see the incredible things the city has to offer! We crossed the bridge into Manhattan and did a little more shopping around Tribeca and Soho before we decided to see a film since the Tribeca film festival was going on.

Unfortunately, we were too late in line for the movie we wanted to see and ended up exploring Chelsea before heading to dinner at my favorite restaurant, the Smith. My dad was definitely more bummed about the movie situation than I was, but I love the Smith more than anything, so that made up for it! We were closest to the location on Broadway in the Nomad district, which was actually the only Smith location I had never been to, so that made it even more exciting too. 

When we got there, I opted to order something different than my usual mac and cheese with a side of brussel sprouts. Ever since NOLA I have been a huge fan of grits and anything chipotle or jalapeño flavored, so when I saw the jalapeño cheddar grits on the menu, I knew I had to try them. This particular Smith also had kale sprouts on the menu instead of brussel sprouts, which I was intrigued by and ordered as well. Ohhh my gosh, you guys, this meal was outstanding. Seriously, more delicious than anything else I have ever eaten, probably ever. Did I mention for dessert we split the sticky toffee pudding? Dead.

We didn't head out of New York until 10:30/11 PM-ish, and then we had a two hour drive to Lehigh. We arrived at Lehigh around 1 AM, exhausted, ready for our 7 AM wake-up call because the admitted students day started on Monday at 8. I'll spare the educational details of the admitted students day for another post, but I just want to say the whole experience really couldn't have gone smoother! I am so excited for Lehigh, even more than before, which I didn't think was possible. It definitely feels like the perfect fit, and I can't wait to start in the fall!

After the admitted students day was over, my dad and I drove home to Rhode Island, and stopped in Greenwich, CT on the way for dinner. We went to the cutest place on Greenwich Ave, Meli-Melo, where we split a crepe and had salads. So delish, and so cute for a casual meal.

Tuesday was my last day of the trip, but definitely not the least exciting!! On the drive home from Greenwich, my friend Jenna snapchatted me and suggested we meet up for breakfast. I was super excited to actually meet Jenna for the first time in real life, so we made spontaneous plans to grab pancakes Tuesday morning in Newport. Jenna was so sweet and even invited me to the KJP factory after breakfast for a little tour, where I got to meet Sarah and Kiel!

The whole morning was so much fun and seriously so cool to actually see the factory and meet them in real life- they're two of the nicest people, too.

After leaving the factory, I walked around Brown University for a little bit just to explore before meeting my grandma, who lives in Providence, for lunch. My grandma is so cute and I loved spending time with her, even if it was just for a couple hours!

Following lunch, I drove back to my dad's where I packed up my suitcase and then we went on a little nature walk. Rhode Island is seriously a beautiful state and I love taking advantage of that whenever I go! Another thing to take advantage of (besides the lobster rolls, because I definitely had one of those for lunch), is the ice cream. My dad and I are the biggest fans of banana ice cream, so we always make sure to stop for a cone whenever I'm in Rhode Island. So, I finished off my trip with my favorite sweet treat and then left for the airport.

Overall, it was an incredibly fun weekend. I was all over the place, but it was such an exciting and eventful way to spend a few days hanging out with my dad, because I don't get to see him so often!

Have a great Monday!


  1. It's so cool you got to meet Jenna & Sarah! I personally love Jenna's style and instagram! Congrats on college by the way!


  2. Where are those black jeans with the zippers from in the first picture of the post? Super adorable! Love the whole outfit!

  3. This looks like such a fun trip! You managed to squeeze SO much into one weekend!


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