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This Week's Top 10

1. Wish me luck on my AP exam this morning! I spent a few hours at Starbucks studying last night, and I still feel so unprepared. Ugh, it's the senioritis, I swear. Focus is just no longer in my vocabulary!

2. Prom is one week away and I am beyond stressed trying to find a dress!!! If you have any long dress suggestions, I'm begging you to send them my way!

3. I love this outfit on Mackenzie.

4. I think I need these shorts for summer.

6. I shared part one of my latest vacation recap right here.

7. Mother's day is coming up quickly. I'm trying to figure out what to get my mom, and Mark and Graham definitely has some great options.

8. I'm so excited to submit my housing contract next week! My roomie and I are having a ton of fun planning and getting inspired for our dorm designing.

9. Help me hit 5K followers on Insta! I'm getting close, and there might be a little surprise when I reach it!

10. I'm excited for brunch tomorrow with my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her boyfriend, Caroline, and one of her friends, too. It should be super fun because it's a random mix of people I love :) What are your weekend plans? I have service all day Sunday morning but I'm hoping to spend the afternoon with another one of my BFF's who's birthday is today!


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  1. love the dorm designs! here's mine from this year:


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