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NYC Recap: Part 1

Hi everyone! First off, my apologies for being MIA all week thus far. It's been a crazy hectic week to say the least, starting off with retreat on Sunday, meaning I missed school Monday, and the amount of make-up work I already had from this vacation I'm about to share with you had been piling up like crazy. But seriously, this trip was worth every extra assignment! I had an incredible time in New York, the Hamptons, at Lehigh, and in Rhode Island two weeks ago and I enjoyed each minute of it tremendously.

I arrived in Manhattan on Friday, after quite the fiasco with my flights. I was scheduled to fly MKE to Chicago, stop for a short layover, and then fly to LaGuardia. The first flight went just as planned, and then I boarded my second flight just like we were supposed to. Only after we were all boarded, the pilot announced the plane would not be usable, and it wasn't until three hours after we were scheduled to take off, and we had unbounded that plane and re-boarded a new one, were we on our way to NYC.

Traveling annoyances aside, I arrived in New York and my dad picked me up at the airport. We went straight to my aunt's apartment on the Upper East Side where we made homemade spaghetti and meatballs (my dad's specialty) and some fun appetizers to complete the little dinner party with her friends. 

I made that salad! It was so good and filled with all of my faves: arugula, pistachios, beets, feta, and balsamic!

Saturday morning I woke up and ran my favorite run in Central Park, the Jackie O Reservoir loop with my dad. The weather in New York was absolutely gorgeous that weekend. Following, I went back to the apartment, cleaned up and changed, and met Sloane for breakfast!

We went to By Chloe in the West Village where I had avocado toast and a chocolate raspberry smoothie. By Chloe is all vegan, which I was at first a little skeptical about, but the food was amazing. Not to mention, the location was ideal and the ambience was fabulous. Sloane and I wandered around Soho and the West Village for about an hour or two before she left and I spent more time exploring Soho on my own.

Around 4 PM, my dad texted me and told me I needed to be back at the apartment immediately, which set off a slight panic for me considering 1. I was in Soho and "immediately" doesn't exactly translate well in terms of travel from Soho all the way to the Upper East Side, and 2. I was starving.

I hopped on a Subway and got off at the Plaza, sprinting into the food hall where I ordered the most delicious crepe from Vive La Crepe that I'd been craving since I'd arrived in New York. I took my crepe to go and managed to eat and run simultaneously for four blocks until I was back on another subway to my aunt's.

Stressful as it was, I arrived only approximately, like, um, 45 (??) minutes after I was supposed to, crepe in hand, and officially en route to the Hamptons!

Head back for part 2 of my trip coming soon!


  1. your jean skirt is everything!! where did you get it??


  2. your jean skirt is everything!! where did you get it??



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