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Valentine's Day Gifts

I feel pretty indifferent towards Valentine's Day. For the most part, I think it's one of those holidays where people either love it or hate it... I feel like half of people think "it's so dumb, it's a hallmark holiday and it's pointless," and the other half really supports the idea of chocolates, wearing pink, getting gifts for the purpose of, well, not really any purpose, and celebrating a day for the fun of celebrating it. When I look at it that way, why not love Valentine's Day... if it means I can dress in pink and eat as much chocolate as I want with no shame, and get myself a little present just because, then whoever came up with the holiday really has their priorities in order, and I support it 100%.

Oh, and speaking of those gifts, I've rounded up a few of my faves. Give me all the pink!

Prada Candy Perfume for someone as sweet as candy

Kate Spade Watch for someone worth your time

Monogrammed Earrings (under $30 and a total essential!) // Mini Scallop Wallet
Cashmere Sweater for someone you'd cozy up next to!

What do you think of Valentine's Day? Do you have any plans? This year my boyfriend's ski team is going to state that whole Valentine weekend, so I'll be driving up there to watch, but I don't think we are doing anything too crazy to celebrate. That's just how I like it!

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  1. Love that scalloped wallet! I've been eyeing the matching scalloped tote forever!
    -Angela & Amy


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