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This Week's Top 10

3. Popular blog post ideas that you can actually use

4. I watched this documentary this week and it was seriously fascinating.

5. Have you ever seen a more fun tassel necklace?

6. I ordered these wedges for under $50 and they're fabulous for the steal they are! 

7. The prettiest round-up of decor ideas

8. Adele pranking Jamba Juice is hilarious.

9. These are the healthiest packaged snacks you'll find!

10. Winter formal is tomorrow night! I'll most likely be playing my favorites with these heels.


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  1. Adele is so funny! If you haven't sent the video of her and Ellen prancing Jamba Juice, you need to. I have never seen this side of her before...she is amazing inside and out.

    girl C


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