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5 Favorite Beauty Products

I'm not huge into beauty posts, but I felt that in honor of my last winter formal tonight and one of my last high school dances it would be appropriate to share a peek into how I get ready and some of my favorite products to use!

Oh, and this is another dance with a dress crisis! I wouldn't be me if this weren't the case, I'm telling you. As of last night, I'm still not quite sure what I'll be wearing tonight, but it'll (hopefully) work out. The one thing I do have locked down is my beauty routine, which rarely varies. I like my makeup to look naturally usually and so I prefer to enhance my features with a good mascara and a little color to my face! 

To me, what's important is keeping your makeup light for dances so you don't sweat it off or end up looking like a streaky animal after a night spent on a hot dance floor. This tinted moisturizer has been my favorite for a while because it feels light on my skin but also provides really nice coverage. I apply it with this kind of brush, and I love the smooth look it gives me. In general, I have fairly good skin, so I think this would probably be the case with any product I used, but I have tried a ton of tinted moisturizers (I find regular foundations to be too heavy / unnecessary for my skin) and this one is for sure my favorite.

Another one of my go-to products is the Nudestix eyebrow all in one stick. One end is a pencil and the other is a gel with a brush and it's seriously the nicest, most convenient idea. I start by brushing out my eyebrows, and since the brush already has gel on it, the prepping step for filling them in is done too! Of course, next I use the pencil to shade and add a little color, and I love the way it makes my brows look. 

The rest are all pretty self-explanatory! I love the tingly feeling of Burt's Bees (and just as much, the fact that it actually works!), and this mascara is outstanding. I also find the Bare Mineral's "warmth" to be the perfect powder/bronzer to add color to my face, especially in the winter when I'm so pale, without turning me orange #winwin.

What are your favorite beauty products? Enjoy your Saturday!

PS- It's my half-birthday today, wooooooo !

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Frannie! I love reading beauty recommendation posts, always fun to look at new products!



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