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{M&B} Outfit: Christmas Tree Shopping

I want to start off by saying I am obsessed with this hat. I picked it up in Chicago a few weeks ago (Unrelated, but did I mention my second trip down this Saturday was like the best day of my life?!) and I have been wearing it nonstop since. It hasn't actually been that cold yet, and I'm getting a little frustrated that we are already in the midst of our second week of December and there isn't any snow, but nonetheless I'm keeping cozy with this fun hat! I also want to take a second to talk about this bracelet I am wearing. Jenna from That's So Fletch is so cute and sent me some really fun bracelets to try out (check back next week for a chance to win your own!) and I have been pleasantly surprised. The bracelets are casual but still unique and can be easily layered or worn on their own. I wear mine to school with my uniform almost everyday!

On me: sweater // shirt // pants (old, similar) // bean boots
hat (my new obsession, 30% off right now!) // sunglasses // bracelet c/o

On Caroline: check out her post today for her outfit details (but I love her new Barbour- totally stealing it!!)

Today's post, as you can tell, has clearly been a casual outfit collaboration with Caroline as Day 2 of the Merry and Bright collab! If you haven't filled out the form for a Christmas card yet, don't forget to do so! I loved shooting these pictures at the cutest little Christmas Tree farm by our houses because I absolutely love the ambiance of trees, wreaths, and holiday spirit in the air. My family set up our tree this weekend and now my whole house smells amazing (the best!)



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  2. Such a cute look and I LOVE your sweater. The way it falls is just beautiful. Can't wait to see more of the collaboration :)


  3. I love the outfit! Especially the jeans. Also, where did you get that ring?


  4. Could you two get any cuter!! I love both of your outfits!
    xo, Syd


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