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This Week's Top 10

2. Gracey's Instagram feed looks amazing right now.

3. Gigi Hadid is seriously so cool. This interview she did with Into the Gloss was so well done!

4. These muffins look delicious and so easy!

5. Mark & Graham is having an amazing sale right now... This adorable striped pouched is under $30.

6. Blair Eadie's photography can never be beat... I love this outfit on her and the photography to compliment it!

9. Maybe I should try this fitness challenge for the month of August...

10. I'm beyond excited to be moving into our new house this weekend... Follow along on Snapchat (@franacciardo) for sneak peaks! Hopefully the fifth time's the charm!

Have a great weekend? Any fun plans?

"I Want That Room"

Okay, how many times have we all gone on Pinterest and next thing we know we find ourselves drooling over our dream bedroom and pinning excessive gallery wall and bedding pictures to our interior design boards? Idk about you but happens to me like four times a day #noshame.

Consider your life made a little easier today and your dreams a wee bit more achievable... I've scoured Pinterest and every online store I could to make these gorgeous rooms totally shop-able and attainable!

Rompin' Around NYC

Romper (now on major sale and still available in all sizes!) // Espadrilles // Earrings
Necklace (Ralph Lauren; similar here) // Watch // Tassel Bracelet // Bag

I wore this outfit for the first day of the SGG Conference in New York and received so many compliments on this romper! I have to say, I'm pretty obsessed with it myself. The color and cut are so flattering and it's extremely comfortable and versatile, too! I could probably dress it up with wedges for dinner with friends, or any other pair of sandals to make it more casual. I chose to style it with my blue espadrilles for the conference to make it look bright and fun and a little more pulled together.


Krass & Co










Look 1: Zip-Up (similar) // Shorts c/o // Tennis Shoes // Watch // Bracelet
Look 2: Tank // Shorts c/o

When Krass & Co reached out to me to and offered to let me pick out a couple pairs of their shorts, I was so beyond excited. Workout clothes, I love. But cute workout clothes? I die. Seriously, with the selection at Krass & Co I had trouble narrowing down my favorite pairs! Of course, I had to go with the American Flag patriotic choice, and then I went with another cute but way more low-key pair with shells

Krass & Co's shorts are so comfortable and made of a material that makes them a lot softer than your average Nike shorts. Plus, the fact that they're so cute makes it easy for me to go from an afternoon run straight to a friend's house for a lazy afternoon without feeling like I need to pull together a better outfit. I'm wearing a size medium in both pairs and they fit perfectly.

What do you think of Krass & Co shorts?

Lessons from #LiveSmartNYC

By now you're probably beyond sick of hearing me talk, tweet, and blog about the #LiveSmartNYC conference, buuuut I'm not quite done. Today I'm sharing the lessons I learned from a few of the amazing speakers we heard from over the course of the conference weekend. From CEO's to dietitians to bloggers and everyone in between, it's safe to say that some of the coolest people I've ever met were at that conference, and they shared amazing stories with us.

I brought my laptop to the conference (best decision ever, even if I didn't like carrying it around at the time...) and somehow wound up with over 20 pages of notes. So, bear with me, this could get lengthy.

1 | Potential, Passion, Purpose
The first day of the conference opened up with a meditation by Maggie DiPasquale. This really set the tone for the rest of the conference... you can accomplish anything if you set yourself up in the right direction. Realize your potential... Ask yourself, "what am I good at?". Define your passion; "what do I love to do?". And finally, once you've realize what you're good at and you've become aware of what you love, figure out how you can combine those, define your purpose by answering "what does the world need me to do?" and then go out and do that. Make a list. Set goals. Realize your skills, your potential, your passions that lie at the core of who you are, and achieve your purpose.

2 | Attitude + Actions
Having the right attitude about achieving your goals is key to reaching them. Elaine Pouliot illustrated this perfectly by saying, "I could’ve gotten up and said I’m only a receptionist. Instead I told my friends I’m in the communications department at IBM and I dressed like I was the president".  Basically, everyone has to start somewhere. Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle, and don't think that everyone takes the same highway on their road trip. Everyone wants to be their best self, but not everyone's best self is the same, and not everyone is going to put in the work to achieve their best self. Have a positive attitude; take risks; dress for what you want, not what you have, both literally and figuratively. And when it comes to acting out your best self, present yourself with a good attitude and act how you want people to remember you. You never know what person has a connection with someone else that could open a door for you. Statistics show that women want to keep everything to themselves; they don’t want to share. But, it's important to treat other how you want to be treated. Don't hold in all of your knowledge; be helpful and ask for help in return. What you give away, you get back ten-fold, and you can always ask others to collaborate with you on similar ideas.

3 | Appreciation
Stephanie Ruhle was one of my favorite speakers last year at the conference and didn't fail to win me over again this year during her keynote. Something that I love about Stephanie Ruhle is that she's so real but also the seemingly ideal person, and a lot of what she talked about had to do with appreciating all of her opportunities she's been given. Think about it this way... everyday we wake up in America (sorry if you're an international reader!), a country where every single day we can wake up and start over and make the most of our lives. We have the opportunity every single day to tackle our goals and achieve what we set out to achieve, and it's important to appreciate that and take advantage of that. Why waste the gift of freedom when others would kill to have it? And, appreciate the people around you too. Find the value you in every person you know and meet and aim to make more than a contact out of them. For example, it doesn't matter how many people's phone numbers you have if you can't send them a text or give them a call. Aim to make some sort of a relationship with every person you meet. Make the most out of people, make the most out of everything life presents to you. Everyday, find something, and say: What am I going to get to do with this? and work with what you've got to achieve that.

4 | Do It For You
If there's one thing everyone has in common, it's that we are all taking our own path to find happiness. No one (at least that I know) goes out of there way to be unhappy or to make themselves a life that they don't want. So, when it boils down to it, everything you do should be for you. Work hard, figure out what you want, and do everything for you. Make yourself the person you want to be. Be your best self for you. How you deal with challenges will make you successful. Find out what you love and find a creative way to make it a part of your life; be able to figure out who you are. For example, make a list of 5-10 that you love about yourself and if you didn’t have any issues (time, money, etc.), what would you be doing? Find a way to do that. Be happy right now with what you’re doing; don’t say “oh in 20 years, I’ll be happy when this happens”; be happy and fulfilled with right now, and if you can’t do that, make your life so you can be. It’s okay to change your mind. What’s important is that you figure out what you want to do and make sure you get there. You can choose who you spend your time with, and spend your time wisely. Break up with any expectations that others have of you… you are the creator of your world.

Overall, the Smart Girls Group conference this year was an incredible learning opportunity filled with amazing girls who all really wanted to be there to hear from even more fabulous speakers! I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to attend and I hope you all learned a little something from this post!

This Week's Top 10

yay! happy friday!

1. You're not missing out on the Nordstrom huge anniversary sale are you?!

2. I love this outfit on Kate!

3. These 15 words that cannot be translated into English are beautiful.

4. I'm not the biggest maxi dress fanatic, but this one is amazing.

5. We all need a floppy hat in our lives... I can't decide if I like this or this more?

6. We all know I love to travel... this is #vacationgoals

7. I don't think I've ever loved something more than this American flag Shep Shirt.

9. This tassel t-shirt is fabulous and priced as quite a steal.

Have a great weekend!

Hamptons Recap

I think this trip to the Hamptons may have been one of the best trips I've ever gone on... and that's saying a lot. After spending so much time in Newport, Rhode Island, I've found myself craving a vacation to other towns and island-like places filled with shops and clad with prepsters like myself! When it comes to the Hamptons, I don't know if I've ever been in a place filled with more hydrangeas, American flags, and incredibly perfect homes in my life. Safe to say, if heaven is a place, I think I may have been there.

Most of our trip was spent in Sag Harbor, one of the smaller sections / towns (or whatever they're called!) in the Hamptons. We stayed with a friend at their cottage on the beach and it was so beyond cute. And, how cool is this buoy-covered building in town?!

Our first afternoon we ventured out to the Clam Bar in Amagansett for lunch. Lobster rolls + Key lime pie = a very content little me. 

After lunch we drove to "the end", aka Montauk, to see the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Gorgeous.

Oh, and this is #casual, but one afternoon while driving through Easthampton we kind of just snapped a few pictures and snuck into the driveway of Ina Garten's adorable home. Next time I'm there I'll definitely make sure to pop in for brownies or a quick snack, I don't think she'd mind, right? ;)

How fabulous is the Ralph Lauren storefront?! I swear, it was even prettier in person, if that's possible. Easthampton had incredible shopping and downtown where the stores were mainly located was just the cutest.

Overall, it was the most fabulous few days and I loved having my best friend by my side to share it with!


10 Wedges under $100

*via + shop above pair here

Summer is the perfect time to add a fun pair of wedges (or two!) to your wardrobe. I feel like every time my friends and I make plans to go to dinner or do something fun downtown I'm throwing on the same few pairs of shoes, and I really wish I had a more solid go-to option that I loved. I've been shopping around lately and with all of these fabulous sales going on everywhere, I've rounded up a bunch of wedges, perfect for summer and transitioning into fall, that are all under $100! It's so easy to throw on wedges with white jeans, a cute skirt or dress, and instantly dress up an outfit, without the discomfort or over-the-top look of a pair of heels. 

Do you have a favorite pair of wedges? Where from?

Central Park

tank (under $10!) // skort // necklace (I made it, but similar here)

Today, Caroline, Renee, Hannah, and I are all sharing our outfits from day 2 of the conference and showing (below) some of the fun shots we took in Central Park that afternoon! One of the most rewarding parts about blogging, and my annual trip to NYC, is being able to meet so many fabulous girls, and I always have so much fun hanging out with them!

On the second day of the conference I wore a skirt I snagged on major sale at J. Crew and paired it with an amazing steal of a tank top in my favorite olive green. Honestly, this top is one of the most comfortable tanks I own and I kind of want to go back and snag it in every color... I mean, can you blame me?! It's so worth it and the price doesn't get better.

We finished our day with ice cream cones, loaded with sprinkles of course, and then an amazing Soul Cycle class. Days like those are simply the best!

NYC + Conference Recap

The few days I spent in New York City last weekend were a whirlwind of fabulous adventures, learning experiences, and amazing opportunities where I got to meet so many new girls. I spent four days in the city, three of which I attended the Smart Girls Group "Live Smart" conference and one day that I spent just roaming around the city exploring and doing my favorite things.

Thursday (the 9th) was our first day in New York and we decided to do some shopping on Madison Avenue, including our favorites: Lilly and Kate Spade! We made a stop at Laduree and then finished off the day with gelato with Amy.

Friday was the first day of the conference and it was so so much fun to see Sloane and Hannah again, and to meet Maggie! Let me know if you are interested in seeing a post on what I learned from the conference.. I have 20 pages of notes and I would love to share them if you're into it!

Day 2 of the conference was a ton of fun (more on that tomorrow!) and followed by an amazing class at Soul Cycle and fun adventures in Central Park.

The last day of the conference was pretty low key but still a ton of fun and a great experience like the rest of the weekend, too. I absolutely loved the pop-up for Madeline & Company's backpacks at the conference and our hydrangea photoshoot outside was too much fun.