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"I Want That Room"

Okay, how many times have we all gone on Pinterest and next thing we know we find ourselves drooling over our dream bedroom and pinning excessive gallery wall and bedding pictures to our interior design boards? Idk about you but happens to me like four times a day #noshame.

Consider your life made a little easier today and your dreams a wee bit more achievable... I've scoured Pinterest and every online store I could to make these gorgeous rooms totally shop-able and attainable!


  1. This is so helpful! I love these color schemes, they could work for so many different ages of girls :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. What a fun post idea! I love the two rooms you picked too. They're both fun, yet sophisticated!

  3. I love these two rooms! I love to search Pinterest for bedroom ideas, even though the next room I'll be decorating will be my college dorm!



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