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Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale

As I'm writing this, I'm either speeding to O'Hare airport in Chicago, or already boarding my flight to Rhode Island with my two bests friends, in the mindset that entails the likes of forgetting our favorite sunglasses, or generally just being very frazzled considering we had to wake up at- gasp- 8 am! Meanwhile, some of you are still in school as we speak... No one said life was fair ;) Summer day 4 is here (woo!) and this weekend was an amazing start to the next few months before officially stepping foot into senior year... which I mentioned a little about here. More on my weekend later, but this week head is going to be such a fun first trip of the summer!

Anywho, the Nordstrom sale has been going on for a few days now, and although I'm sure you're all well aware of this, I noticed new things are being added, and I had to share my favorites! Get shopping...

Have you made any purchases yet? The deals are amazing.

This Week's Top 5

Because I should've really been studying for my last exam last night instead of writing this post, I had to save a little time of reading articles and browsing through my favorite posts of the week and chop this Friday's round up in half...

1. Go shop the Nordstrom sale now if you haven't already! 

3. Obsessed with this Kate Spade bikini top (on major sale!) right now.

4. Such a cool, classic watch. On sale for 30% off!

5. Today marks official summer for me! Gathering a little inspiration here.



As exams officially commence today, I'm counting down the minutes until Friday at 9:15 AM when my last final will officially be over! In a way, it's a bittersweet ending to a school year seeing that next year I'll actually be a senior. Because I'm close with so many girls in the senior class at my school, and my brother is also a senior, I've had quite the inside peak at the graduation process, and it's such a monumental experience! A part of me is excited to lead my high school alongside my class, but a part of me also wants to go back to freshman year, and just keep doing these past years over and over again. Lately I've noticed this whole experience of graduation and growing up is completely dependent on perspective, which branches a lot off of attitude. And my attitude, to say the least, has not been the best lately.

Maybe it's the stress and my lack of sleep, maybe it's the seemingly-never-ending family and friend drama, or maybe I could just be feeling a little down, but my parents, friends, and even I have noticed that my attitude has been so negative and pessimistic lately. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to in my life that it just doesn't add up how I can not be so appreciative or positive and excited for everything in my life. As the school year comes to an end, I want to focus on entering my senior year with a positive attitude and enjoying my summer to the fullest so I can make the most of what I have left of high school! Life is short, and these last few years have gone by so fast.

It can sometimes be a bit of a personal struggle for people to hop out of bed each day with a smile on their face; everyone fights their own battle and it's tricky when you're not always in the loop with what everyone else has on their plate. My personal goal for this summer is going to be to try my hardest to soften up and have a better attitude. Happiest girls are the prettiest!

Any tips for me?

Summer Pajamas

I think one of my favorite things about summer attire is that it is 100% acceptable to stay in bed all day, or on your better days, at least wear pajamas for hours on end. But, there really is nothing better than feeling comfortable and looking fabulous at the same time. It's a killer combination... everyone's always jealous, too ;)

My favorite summer pajamas include a Lilly pair, a J. Crew nightshirt, and a ton of fun printed shorts that I can sport with comfy tees! Shop current picks below...

Untitled #2

1 // 2 // 3, under $15 and comes in three prints  // 4, comes in four fun colors
5, available in seven different patterns and prints // 6

What's your go-to pair of summer PJ's? I need 1 and 2 in my closet, now!

This Week's Top 10

1. My confirmation is tonight and I'm so excited.

3. A basic swimsuit staple for any girls closet... Comes in three colors, it's under $50, and it's reversible too!

4. Love Gracey's beauty routine post... So many easy and helpful tips, and practical for any age, too!
6. I really want to try this spinach and mango smoothie recipe; super easy and healthy but still looks so incredibly delish!

8. My current wishlist and shopping guide.. My bank account needs to prepare itself for summer ;)

9. Loving these wedges for summer

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?

My Summer Wishlist

Only a week until summer for me! It's been such a weird end to the school year... spring break, prom, prom again, and now all of a sudden exams are in 5 days and I feel like second semester has barely begun! All of the stress adding up, of course I've had barely any time to shop (oh, such a bummer...!), but today I'm sharing a mini wishlist for summer because all of these little vacations will require a few new looks, am I right or am I right?

Untitled #390

dress // tank // sunglasses // sneakers
sandals // shorts // earrings // bracelet
bag // swimsuit // espadrilles

What's on your wishlist?!

Prom Recap

Prom this weekend was so fun. Such a wonderful night from start to finish! I wore this dress, these shoes, these earrings, and a pave necklace! My date got me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers- you can see another up close pic on my Instagram here. Peonies, hydrangeas, roses, lily of the valley... it couldn't have been a more beautiful arrangement.

A post on my hair to come! I love the way my braid looked and I'll definitely be sharing a tutorial later on for my twisted and tousled take on a classic braid.

Gallery Wall Inspiration + My Paintings

If you've been reading this little blog for a while, you know that I love gallery walls, and I've been meaning to create one in my room ever since I embarked on my little project to redecorate. The other day I posted the photo below on Instagram, showcasing one of the paintings I'm currently working on.

This painting is by my all time favorite artist, Caitlin McGauley! For my painting class right now I am working on my final project, which meant I got to choose my work based off an artist and of course I immediately knew who I'd choose! Caitlin does a ton of watercolors for Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Hermes, Tory Burch, and more. I've decided this painting is going to be the center focus of my gallery wall and I love that I'll have incorporated my own touch into the arrangement.

Here's a little more gallery wall inspo' for eye candy though!

What do you think? Do you have a gallery wall in your room/home?

This Week's Top 10

1. It's finally time for my prom dress reveal! Remember this post? I originally ordered this dress but it didn't work out. This is what I'll be donning tomorrow and I'm absolutely in love with it!

2. Best dressed list from the Met Gala... Personally, I think Stacy Martin killed it in her blue and white ensemble.

3. Triple points for cardmembers at Nordstrom's this weekend!

4. I'm dying to try this unusual-but-looks-so-good sandwich recipe for lunch or dinner in the upcoming weeks!

5. No idea what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Try one of these pretty flower arrangements to brighten her heart and your house!

7. So jealous of Caitlin's current vacation in Cabo right now... and she looks so cute in this outfit.

8. Congrats to Rach Parcell on her adorable baby girl, born just this Sunday! Isla is such a cute name.

10. In need of a new pair of sandals for my upcoming summer travels. How fun is this tassel pair?! So versatile too.

Have a great weekend, and happy Mother's day to everyone's family! I'll be tired Sunday from prom, but I'm still hoping to head to brunch and spend a wonderful day with my mom. What are your plans?

Spring Flower Arrangment Ideas

With Mother Day's coming up this weekend, bouquets for prom constantly on my mind, and prime wedding season upon us, it seems like flowers are impossible to escape! I'm not complaining of course, this is what spring's all about, and fresh flowers are the perfect addition to your home, room, office, or even as a gift for your Mom or friend!

I loved this post on A Piece of Toast. Sally's bridal luncheon was absolutely gorgeous and her flower arrangements were to die for. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite mixes!

A combination of white and pink ranunculus is gorgeous and screams spring. They're one of my favorite flowers!

Roses, anemones, tulips and eucalyptus make for such a gorgeous "colorblock" bouquet! Imagine how good this smells with the infused eucalyptus too... You can actually find the recipe for the above bouquet here!

And when in doubt, pink tulips will never fail!

What's your favorite flower?

Welcoming May

These Hunter Boots were definitely the best purchase I made back during my trip to New York in February. The green is such a classic, neutral color, and I'm really glad I finally upgraded from my previous hot pink pair! In France I learned the importance of strong basics and just constantly rotating them through my wardrobe and mixing them up to create new outfits. Quite a helpful tip for such a long vacation! So today, I'm sporting a few of my favorite basic pieces with my Hunters that so fabulously helped me combat the April showers we had this past week and are just finishing up now. The weather has been fabulous and I can't wait to welcome more summery looks and ensembles as it begins to warm up.

Real quick - I just need to take a second to say how amazingly comfortable this t-shirt is! I'm not going to lie, I've definitely slept in it a few times, in addition to seriously struggling to force myself to change out of it on the weekends. Definitely a staple in my closet.


5 Dresses For Any Occasion

Anyone else have amazing weather this weekend?! Shopping for confirmation, my brother's graduation, and many other fun events coming up has left me discovering a million and one fabulous summer dresses and I simply have to share a few with all of you!

I went ahead and ordered #3, and I'm praying it works out! I seriously am in love with that bow back- it's to die for!! 1 & 5 are dresses I saw on girls at my prom, but I think they're casual enough and super fun that they can still be worn to many other things.

Which is your favorite?

This Week's Top 10

1. I don't know why, but I'm really obsessed with these shoes.

2. Going to keep this in mind for prom round 2!

3. Things rich people say... Hilarious

4. This is my new favorite book! I'm reading it right now and have had multiple laugh-out-loud moments.

5. So inspired by Sammy's post on healthy eating tips!

6. Read this article for the tips and more importantly, that workout outfit #omgcute

9. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy?! Ummm.... How are you feeling about the latest episode?!

10. Um, the photography in this post? Gorgeous. A Piece of Toast kills it... again!

Have a great weekend! I can't believe it's already MAY!