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This Week's Top 10

1. I don't know why, but I'm really obsessed with these shoes.

2. Going to keep this in mind for prom round 2!

3. Things rich people say... Hilarious

4. This is my new favorite book! I'm reading it right now and have had multiple laugh-out-loud moments.

5. So inspired by Sammy's post on healthy eating tips!

6. Read this article for the tips and more importantly, that workout outfit #omgcute

9. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy?! Ummm.... How are you feeling about the latest episode?!

10. Um, the photography in this post? Gorgeous. A Piece of Toast kills it... again!

Have a great weekend! I can't believe it's already MAY!


  1. I don't even want to talk about Grey's Anatomy-I'm watching the most current episode and I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Derek is gone :(

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Love the quote for this post
    xx Maria |

  3. Love Town and Country! Guilty pleasure right there! The things rich people say is too funny!



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